Have you met people in the "world" who are more commited to their christian believes than JWs?

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  • nevaagain

    I met a coworker at my work who was even more commited to his religion then almost anybody I had seen in the JW mids yet. Whenever we went for lunch, he would do a little prayer first, he didnt care if anybody would take notice of him. He does not curse, never! He is not smoking. He does not watch violent movies and he checks the lyrics before he would listen to a song and ... *drumroll* occasionally he tells me about his preaching activities in front of his church on saturday and how many new people come to his church every month. He says his church is blessed.

    At first I thought he was a JW, just felt weird, that he wont use the JW lingo but the worldy church lingo instead ;-) but itturns out he was a member from a protestant free church (not sure how to properly translate it from german to english).

    He has to travel 3 hours back and forth to work and I would always tease him why he would not move near or workplace and he would always tell me, that he wants to stay there as to be near his church. They have even more meeting that we JWs do. Other then church on sunday, they have small get togethers (similar to our home book studies back in the day) which are often up to 3 times per week! They eat together and talk about the bible and sometimes the even watch christian movies. He truly enjoys what he is doing. He constandly tries to find new christian activities to do and he feels truly happy.

    Hard to explain because some witnesses want you to believe the same, but i feel that his happyness is truly genuine.

    So at first I was mentioning him in my friend circle and I was doing jokes about him as how he is even worse then JWs ... but then I thought damn, that how JWs are supposed to be. How can we say that people like him would get destroyed when Armageddon arrives just because he goes into the wrong house for worship? Just because his "organisation" has a different name than ours? His believes might now be accurate, but then again, ours are only accurate until the new light comes, which renders the believes we had one day ago as myth.

    When I mentioned the last time to a couple of friends but rendered him as a positive example I only got blank stares, because even the worse JWs are supposed to be better than any world person.
  • WingCommander
    Sounds like a he's in a high-control group to me. Even more meetings than JW's? Yeah, that's pretty controlling alright.
  • jhine

    As member of a Christian denomination in England I know lots of people who are just as commited ,or more so , than JWs.. The difference being that many Witnesses only seem to be obedient out of fear . The WT seem to be masters of fear mongering . I often read comments aligning religions with the WT . 40 years of membership of a very different "organised religion " tell me how wrong this is .


  • Tempest in a Teacup
    Tempest in a Teacup

    I do. I must say it's a cultural thing in my country. People take religion really seriously, and I mean that they LIVE their religions with every breath.

    Over here jws are just one of many...

  • leaving_quietly
    I have a co-worker who is Protestant who is like your co-worker. Maybe not as many meetings, but the prayers at meal time, church on Sunday, possibly other charity-type activities related to the church. He and his wife pray regularly. He speaks of the kingdom of God. He's very happy in his faith and he's very close to many in his church. It's a fairly stark contrast to JWs.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Does the religion have a paid clergy?

    Does it "request" funds/donations?

    Snagglepuss - Exit, stage left!


  • nevaagain

    i want to ask him if they practice shunning, or what happens if someone sins. if they dont have shunning practices then i doubt you can compare it to a cult. for me it looks like they found a way to make meetings more interesting.

    another thing: anybody can contribute songs in his church, they use a beamer to show them on a wall, so not everybody needs a song book. not a bad idea if you ask me, seeing as we need yet another song book for the three new songs

  • millie210

    Well the first thing I would wonder is how long has he been associated? OR how long has the church existed?

    People/groups go through a "honeymoon" period.

    The next thing I would wonder about is the same feelings he is having being achieved minus the religious aspect.

    Are there other groups of people who meet for an idealistic purpose where everyone shows love and respect to each other? Some researchers say it is the social aspect of a "church" that contribute to the well being and longevity of those who embrace it.

  • jhine

    Nevaagain ,

    I do no know of any other faith that practices shunning .Even Catholic excommunication is not anything like shunning . The person is still a Catholic by baptism and can attend mass , just not take communion. And the excommunication is reversable , though I do not know how .


  • Clambake

    I just love how the WTS thinks it has some kind of monopoly on evangelism and clean living. Today there are more Baptists in China or Seventh Day Adventist in India than the United States. I wonder how that happened.

    All the WTS really has is drones passing out magazines they don't understand to people who don't want them so their family won't stop talking to them.

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