A very dangerous belief!!

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  • Gill

    Flash - I would so really love to decline their invitations. Their snooty nose in the air attitude is like a red rag to a bull when it comes to me! I just get really cross with them!

  • searching4truth

    that is terrible for ones self esteem also to think you can never do anything wrong, it's impossible to meet those expectations so at very best they will grow up depressed not being able to.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    I confronted a jw about certain wickedness done to my family, and all he could say was, "We're jehovahs witnesses !" - meaning "What we have done can't actually be very wrong" - even though the wickedness done was absolutely outrageous.

    Arrogance in a braindead state doesn't really describe it.

  • Mulan
    So, I take it there are no active witnesses left in your family, or they're never discussed (or both)? That is serious progress - that you were JWs and your grandson has no clue of their existence. "Bad church" is definitely a perfect response to his query!

    The only one he knows is his great grandmother, my mother, and it never comes up. She would never talk to him about it, so he just didn't know.

    My husband's youngest brother and his family are all JW's, but they cut us off years ago. He has recently started communicating again, first with a note with his email address, and then with emails. We'll see what happens. So far they are pretty tame, just catching up with family stuff.

  • penny2

    Gill, I think it's great that you are continuing to have occasional contact with JW family members. The young kids will see that you're just normal people. You never know, there might be a fader amongst them (now or in the future). It's good that they know you!


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