Is God a mind reader? Do angels have privacy of thought?

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  • The Dragon
    The Dragon

    A mind reader among us would be the worlds best and richest poker player...and never able to be lied to or manipulated by anyone...couple that with someone who really knows the future....

    There would be NO defense against an attack from a being with these capabilities.

    Our thoughts and secrets allow us to be individuals...if someone knows these better than our selves..are we really individuals any longer..or a part of?

    Could I become an individual from myself?

  • Kenneson

    Luke 15:7 says that "There will be more joy in heaven over one sinner that repents than over ninety-nine righteous ones who have no need of repentance." Since JWs do not believe that the dead (the holy ones or saints) can communicate with the living, how would they know when this takes place?

  • zagor

    I don't believe in god or angels but have had several weird experiences that I can't explain. Sometimes I sing a song in my thoughts and all of a sudden someone else would start whistling it or singing it aloud. Or thinking something really deep and having someone nearby asking me about that very thing. Which kind of tells me that there are vibrations in our brain that are tell tale sings of what is going on inside of our brains but we are often blissfully unaware of it.

    Perhaps that is one of those things that shamans and 'miracle-men' of old civilizations were able to tap into. Nothing miraculous about it, just our brain working harder than we think.

  • Fisherman

    Given: The God of the Bible

    I think that God is all knowing. He knows everything before it happens and He knows thoughts too. God knows everything at any point in time. All things are exposed to him. He knows what the angels think ever before the angels think it.

    God knew that Satan would sin in my opinion even before he created the angel that became satan. He also knows the choices people will make even before they are born because he is almighty, he can not only choose to know but in fact he knows whether he chooses or not.

    Simply put, there is nothing that God does not know

  • UpAndAtom

    If you remember just one thing from my answer it is this: "Thoughts are deeds in the mental realm". An angel may have great difficulty in determining the difference between the physical act, and the actual thought of it. Jesus alluded to this in the scriptures when talking about adultery.

    This concept is universal and applies equally on the Earth and other dimensions. For example, If I write a story about commiting a bad act in the physical realm, you will be unable to determine if the story was true of false without some other evidence. Now, image I am not writing in the physical realm with pen, but in the spiritual realm with thought. The same rule applies, and the wise angel will likewise treat my thoughts with caution without other evidence.

    The eyes of the physical realm see the physcial. The thoughts of the spiritual realm, see the spirit in which the thought is phrased.

    Thus, in whatever realm you choose or end up, you should choose to communicate carefully should you wish to fit it, make friends and make the realm a better place for thoose around you. In the end, it's our concept of privacy and individuality that keeps us separate from the One who would have us as friends, and co-creators of the Universe with Him.

    We are all part of the Universe, and so too are all of our collective thoughts. To see the result of all this tought, look at the result of it. The planet we live on. There is great kindness here, but also much selfishness.

    I hope this has helped.

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