Had a turkey dinner at inlaws

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  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    My in laws invited us over for a turkey dinner last night. Mom in law picked up a nice turkey on sale on Boxing day. She wanted to have us all over for dinner, but it had to be after the "holiday".

    I just think it's funny to think you can have turkey any day of the year except December 25!

    My mom has never had any problems with us getting together as a family and having a turkey with all the trimmings. In fact last year my sis in law wanted to do something different and my mom was so upset at not getting her turkey that I had to do one for her the next day!! lol

    I was helping my mom in law with some computer problems she was having and she told me about an apostate site she stumbled upon (sounded like Robert Kings site promoting his book). When she realized it was "apostate" she started shaking, she said she was so scared, immediately closed it and prayed to Jehovah that she was so sorry! I have to feel sorry that she's so ruled by fear.


  • jgnat

    Funny how people will twist themselves around, trying to keep all the rules. Our turkey this year was very moist, a Butterball. One of the best I've ever had.


    My relatives had a turkey dinner at OUTLAW`s..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • rolling rock
    rolling rock

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by arise [/i] [B]Only if this could go with Zac [IMG]http://www.sursumcorda.com/davewesley/first_ave_spring_2006/images/wall%20of%20bass%20-%20first%20ave%20minneapolis.jpg[/IMG] [/B][/QUOTE] This was a test...

  • codeblue

    all this talk about turkey is making me HUNGRY!!!

    Sorry about your MIL....she is blinded from the cult.

    Wonder is she really wonder's about anything???? I feel sorry for her.

    Until something happens that upsets her about the Jw's...she will stand by their orders unfortunately....

    At least you had a nice meal with her...


  • abbagail

    That's so sad about your MIL... "When she realized it was "apostate" she started shaking..."

    I had that SAME type experience, circa 1980, when I was still a newbie. I had just moved back here from out West where I had been studying, and there was a local classifieds/shopping newspaper called "The Green Sheet" that you'd find them stacked up near the entrance at the grocery story. So I picked one up one day and was skimming thru the classifieds and I saw one that said something like,

    + Phone #555-5555 (or whatever it was)

    And for some reason, I had no idea at the time, but I did feel a panic and a fear and I literally started shaking, too, bodily shaking. It wasn't anger, but more like whacked-out adrenals gone haywire all the sudden. I guess that was fear, eh? Whatever it was, it did NOT FEEL GOOD!

    Boooo Hisssss!

    It never happened again, but I'm GLAD those days are LONG OVER!


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