I was NOT shunned today!

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I expected to be when I saw her ahead of me in the local Wally world. She pushed past me with a cart and seemed to ignore me. I thought 'just another shunning'.

    I was buying Christmas cards on sale for next season, some holiday lights. I saw her again when about to check out - I hesitated entering the same line, thinking I would make her uncomfortable needlessly, and I just didn't need the awkward moment myself. Besides Patti was always one of the 'good ones' in the congregation, and of all the ones whom I could care less about making uncomfortable, she was not one.

    Still, I wanted to get out of there, and hers was the shortest line, so I stepped up right behind her, expecting that she would glance and ignore. She didn't. When she recognised me, she beamed and smiled. [Kinda like old friends should ya' know.] She asked me about family, the Grand-Munchins, Wifey, work etc. I asked her the same and we had a wonderful conversation. All the time I am thinking 'I wonder if she knows I have DA'd? I wonder if she has noticed my Watchtower illegal facial hair? I wonder if she noticed that my cart is full of Christmas cards, lights, etc? I wonder if she is curious about the meaning of my "I am a graduate of XJW University - est. 1914" cap? [She did seem to stare a bit at the cap and looked puzzled as if it should makes some sense to her but it did not. LOL.

    The whole experience has me wondering if my DA was ever announced at all. I did threaten legal action at one point if they did so, and [little white lie] suggested they wait for an answer from Brooklyn Legal before they made the announcement, as I was planning lawsuits. [In reality I never lettered Brooklyn at all - just a little smoke screen fun I was having during the two week hassle leading to my letter. ]

    Whatever the reason, it was nice to be treated as a person, an old friend by her. The vast majority of the congregation has been 'shunning' me long before I Da'd anyway, so it could be that the congo is in the dark as to my 'status'? Who knows, maybe she has left also? That would be good news. Anyway, a nice surprise.


  • BabaYaga

    LOL at the cap, AK Jeff!!! And HOORAY for the non-shunner!!!


  • Purza

    Good for you for chosing the shortest line. It is pretty cool when you are not shunned and treated like a "normal human being".


  • The wanderer
    The wanderer

    Dear Jeff:

    Thank you for sharing this positive
    experience with the board.

    Your friend,


    (The Wanderer)

  • Honesty

    It's hard to tell, Jeff.

    The whole shunning policy has me a little confused because in the last 6 months...

    The former PO of my last congregation said, "Hi, how you doin' Bob?" at the local market.

    Tuesday nite at the same market a MS's wife gave me the best shunning I've ever had from a sister. It was priceless. Arrogance, hatred, superior attitude and self-righteousness all wrapped up in one cute little 105 pound bundle of Watchtower Joy.

    An elder ran out of a "bible Study" at a friend's home when I showed up.

    My 'anointed' ex-SIL shunned me in a courtroom in front of at least 50 people who were spectators during a legal matter involving her.

    One of my JW friend's wife said, "Hi, Bob." in a local Kroger.

    An old JW friend actually talked with me for 5 minutes as we entered the same elevator.

    If it hadn't been for the former PO not shunning me I would just assume the 'Strong' JW's do all the shunning. Oh well, he may not be that 'Strong' since his son DA'd and his sister was DF'd last year.

  • avidbiblereader

    Most run from me, but I have had a couple of ones in the last year or two that have said hi and it is a shame to measure how good we feel because someone from our past has been human. I am glad for you Jeff, hopefully others will become human in time.


  • Dismembered

    Greetings AK - Jeff,

    Just so happens I was shunned the day before Xmas. We live in small town America. I stared right at the two who were attempting to so their "christian" obligation. (It was right after their Sunday meeting, where they learn about love....) They just wouldn't look up at me. After they left I reminded myself that all they are, is white trailer park trash.


  • garybuss

    I always go for the shortest line too. Good choice.

  • dedpoet

    That's good to hear Jeff, she acted like the friend she is rather than a wts robot.

    And as for standing in the shortest line, I always do that whoever is in front of me, and I have seen the odd jw in my local supermarket. If my prescence makes them uncomfortable, then tough, it's their choice to shun me, I can talk to who I like.

  • nonamegiven

    I've only been out a few months but I've been shunned by everyone except an 8 year old girl. But I think she got a talking-to later.

    Screw 'em.

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