Article on Origins of Xristianity I Wrote REALLY UPSET Local Christians

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  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    I think your article was great! It's time people start opening their eyes and finding out the truth about how Christianity came about. As with the JW religion, "If it doesn't survive scrutiny it's a load of BS"!


  • undercover

    Regarding the original article, I'm kinda in a agreement with Mary...maybe the timing wasn't all that great. Was this was supposed to be an article about Christmas foods or about the origins of Christmas/Christianity?

    I'm not a professional writer, far from it, but if I may be allowed to offer my opinion, I would have not gone so deep into the origins of Christianity and just mentioned in shorter passages sprinkled throughout the piece of some of the pagan origins of the food/practice/belief/custom.

    Just my .02 on the article itself.

    But the guy that wrote you that nice little letter...hooboy...he's a niceun. He's a typical fundie Christian zealot who feels that when anyone presents anything that might be conceived as an attack on their beliefs they go off on some whacked tangent.

    I am sorry that you're having to deal with the backlash as you are. The article, while maybe not all that flattering of Christian origins, was not offensive (except to fundies, I guess) and it's a shame that it's turned into such an ordeal.

  • Scully

    You could always write to the offended and ask them if they likewise complained to the television networks about similar programming during the month of December.

  • Seeker4

    Yeah, undercover, timing was one of the factors, though as I wrote earlier, this is actually the season when this stuff comes to the fore (and Easter), as Mulan mentioned about the TV shows.

    Also, part of the complaint was that it was in small community newspapers, where it is obviously a little more dangerous to present any challenging ideas! I really didn't approach this with the idea to offend, just trying to get some interesting, if controversial, new thoughts out there.


  • Seeker4

    Just got off the phone with a local Baptist minister. VERY nice guy. He wants to do a letter to the editor that deals with this idea and provide a variety of references that cover a broad range of views of how Christianity developed.

    He wants to get togther for coffee, and he's sending me a draft of the letter for my input. So, that may help some.


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    just as i posted on this topic a few days ago. this article will piss people off. just think there's GRANDMA cooking that xmas turkey, ham, with a box load of candy canes to give out to the kids when they come over. she takes a break from cooking . and checks the paper, only to find her GOOSE is cooked. because she's worshipping some norse GOD. and forget about the Ham, GRandMa is british, and hates anything roman, ie. the pope. seeker i like your posts. but this article was just like using one of those old wt sound cars. and driving up and down every street in town blasting out . on Xmas day your celebration is false. if i was the editor i would have never let it get printed. weather i beleived in jesus or not. it was disrespectful to people trying to have a nice day. very much akin to jw's going d2d on xmas, telling householders xmas is pagan. sorry if i offend you. but that's how i see it. john

  • thecarpenter

    you mean there's no santa??? Damn pagans, next you'll tell me that elves don't make toys!!!!

  • Celia


    I read your article when it was published, liked it alot. My first reaction was telling my husband: "Bob is going to get a lot of hate mail!"

    Good job!

  • Seeker4

    Yeah, Celia, it seems like more fundamentalists read the paper than freethinkers!

    Of course they are the only ones who would be upset by it. But I wonder if anyone out there will write in defense?


  • Elsewhere
    have to say that the level of anger it creates when someone questions fundamentalist beliefs is more than a little scary.

    This is because religion enjoys a unique place in the world in which it is not "proper" to question the teachings of religion.

    In my opinion, this is grossly irresponsible since religions supposedly serve the purpose of explaining the origin of life, the universe and everything else.... yet you cannot question the conclusions of the religion.

    Imagine if a scientist declared that he had found the explanation of life, the universe and everything else... but then refused to provide proof. He would be laughed at and mocked by the entire world.

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