What contributes to a "climate of fear" in the congregation?

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    Jehovah`s Witness`s will turn on each other when ordered to do so by the WBT$..It`s built into the religion..Savages in Suits...OUTLAW

  • lawrence

    I remembered what one CO said when I was a newbie dub - "If in doubt, leave it out." Now mind you, these Pharisees are always in doubt, so in turn the fear begins - is this okay? Should I do that? Will this stumble one? Will I be blood guilty? On and on... with no relief.

  • done4good
    He responded to my raised hand by calling me by my first name [not CoCo]. That was done at my hall only for interested persons who wished to participate. Even little dubs got the bro' and sis' titles.

    Good point CoCo. I remember that well. I always felt bad for anyone who attempted to comment who got the first name treatment, as it so obviously was a way of taking someone down a notch or two. Certainly a way of saying "I'm better than you because I'm baptized", or something. And oh yes, there were indeed, (especially at the bs), those that would be called on by their first name, while other more "respected" brothers were never called by such.

    As for fear, most definately jws live according to fear of man. I remember always having to watch what I say, who I say it to, etc. That's why I really only had a small circle of friends in the org, and, (not so), ironically, most of those few still speak to me now. I'm working on 'em.


  • Cindi_67

    You were only able to report 4 hours of field service that month, but you are AFRAID to report this number so you tweak it.

    You missed several meetings due to sickness, you still feel unwell, but you FEAR what the congregation may think so you force yourself to go
    You went on a weekend getaway, but you are AFRAID to tell the friends why you were missing that weekend in case they think you put kingdom interests last.

    You were unable to take Friday off for the convention, but you FEAR what will be said about you.

    You did not auxiliary pioneer during the Memorial Season and you are AFRAID people will think of you as spiritually weak.

    You must've known me because for all those reasons is why I am in the predicament I am now. All those things came to my mind at one point and got tired of the fear, the comparisons, that if you didn't work but were not pioneering you weren't spiritual enough. Or like you said, if you missed a Friday for the Convention, you are not spiritual, and the rest of the things you mentioned. I felt depressed all the time, because not matter how I did things there were always the talks encouraging to do more, and more, and more. And I said, "I've had it", "I can't go on feeling like this anymore." I went to the meetings in a bad mood, and came out worst than when I came in. I lost my sister to cancer 10 days ago and this past weekend was our Circuit Assembly and my mom keept saying that she missed the Assembly and now she wants to know if they will be giving another one. I had to bite my tongue, because I felt like telling her, "Who cares if you missed one assembly. My sister's death is more important than that. So what if you missed this one!" And this is all because of how much the Society bangs you on the head about not letting anything come between you and your meetings. Ever since I stopped attending I've felt better. Don't have to compare myself with anybody and don't have to respond to anybody but God.

    I wrote a letter to the elders telling them how I felt about many things in the congregation and some doubts and after two visits by my book study conductor trying to encourage me (nothing related to my letter by the way) no one has even bother to contact me. The other elders have done like Poncius Pilate, they put the responsiblility on this elder only and have washed their hands and not care about me. So I said, "I don't care about going back either." It's too late.

    I feel anxious sometimes, thinking "Am I doing the right thing?" but I have to do what I want to do not what others expect me to do. You have described how most of us have felt at one point or another. You are right on.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I think you hit the nail on many heads Truthseeker. That was part of the reason I left. I just got tired of not being able to be myself without being viewed as weak or a danger to congregation. I don't think anyone but another exjw can relate to the weight that is lifted once you are out.

  • Dismembered
    What other things can you think of that contribute to a climate of fear?

    How about a 350lb Pig-Faced looking "elder" who has really bad ASS breath, and wants to talk to you in the back room. It's happened.


  • Warlock
    You are right on.

    So are you, Cindi.


  • restrangled
    Jehovah`s Witness`s will turn on each other when ordered to do so by the WBT$..It`s built into the religion..Savages in Suits...OUTLAW

    Exactly! Being seen somewhere, overheard saying something, gossiped about, private info leaked, missing one too many meetings, .....the list is endless. r.

  • undercover

    Little Toe had a good point...not all JWs live out of fear.

    It's been my observation that there are two types of followers(leaving aside the ruling class): those who really believe and think they have the "truth" and those who follow out of fear and guilt.

    I've seen lots of people baptized that never were really good JW material. They were, forgive me for saying it, weak-minded and easliy swayed into the belief system. But they only accepted it on the surface. They never really made the deep changes required to become a true believer. It was that group that usually followed because of the fear of being ostracized by the group or by the fear of dying at Armageddon.

    The other group who became staunch believers don't follow out of fear but out of a feeling of superiority. They're better than the "world", they know more about the Bible than anyone else and they alone have God's favor. They look down on outsiders as inferior, weak and almost stupid. It is this group that ends up holding the whip of fear over the weaker followers. It is the male members of this group that often become elders, lording it over the flock.

  • Wild_Thing

    Witnesses are all about appearance. It keeps them in a constant state of fear. It's like they think that the witness who LOOKS the best will survive armageddon. The religion makes for an artificial apperance for a person with artificial thoughts.

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