A "stumbling" question for a JW

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  • Blueblades

    You are doing a good job with those questions. Ask him to review the history of Jehovah's Witnesses from the late 1870's to the present. He will be in for a shock. If he puts you off, then he is not really interested in your future and just wants to stay in his own comfort zone. "Captives of a Concept" Anatomy of an Illusion by Don Cameron is a good place to start. Go to member directory and link on to Don's site. Member Directory is at the top of the page on this forum.


  • jgnat

    Good job!

    First of all, for respecting yourself and him enough to break off an unequal relationship.

    Second, for giving him pointed questions to help him think.

    I think, if you keep asking questions like these, it will help him think outside the box he has himself in. Consider, though that nobody can rescue him without him wanting it. Keep laying the groundwork and leave it at that.

    Steve Hassan in his books www.freedomofmind.com gives more tips on how to break through the cultic mindset. Once in a while you might try asking him to put himself in your shoes. This breaks him out of his rehearsed role, and helps him think things through from another perspective.

  • changtech

    Thank you for all of the replies! I know people on here have different views on the Witnesses, and that is perfectly fine, I like getting different opinions, because everyone on here has the ability to think, unlike another group of people we know a lot about!

    Anyways, just to clarify, there is no way I could ever live a life with a JW as my partner. I just care very much about my ex-boyfriend because he has been through so much in his life, and is the most mature man I have ever known. He is obviously lacking in the being-able-to-speak-for-himself department, but other than that, it's just so sad to see such a good person waste their life on false teachings.

    Perhaps it is a waste of time talking to him, but I love him unconditionally as a person, and although he only loves me conditionally (which seems to be one of the rules in the organization), I want to be able to help him. I have realized, however, perhaps the best way to go about it, is acting happy in my own faith in God, and hoping he will become interested. Because, yes, JW's do get hostile when you challenge them.

    I also find it funny, because JW's get sooo upset with "apostate" teachings, but don't they ever wonder why so many people are against them? Oh yeah..I forgot, it's Satan's doing...*sigh*.

  • changtech

    Sorry, yes I accidentally posted this twice. I'm on a very bad internet connection right now, so things arent all showing up right!

  • uwishufish

    Good Job!

    No matter what happens in the near future between you and he, he will always have your words ringing in his head.

    When I was 10 and going door to door preaching, the person at the door ask me a question which has rang in my ears for forty years? The question was: Do you read these magazines?

    The point was how can you tell me if you haven't read it yourself.

    Good Luck


  • Stealth453

    For a non-dub, you seem to know an awfull lot about them. Can you enlighten us (me) as to just how you know the new Revelation book has so many "new truths" in it?

    Just naturally curious.....

  • becca1

    Very good reasoning! You have "hit the nail on the head". If he does not come around with this kind of reasoning, then he probably never will. Move on and find a boyfriend who is free to think for himself.

  • new boy
    new boy

    Thats why they are called.....................DUMBS!

  • changtech


    I know about the new Revelation Book, because my friend (ex boyfriend) keeps talking about it. He is so excited about the "new light" of that book, and he knows that I have questions about the book of Revelation, due to the 144,000.

    I have yet to get my hands on the book, however it won't be any use to me, except for providing me with further proof that this organization does not have "The Truth".

    I'm not sure if it was you who also asked how I seem to know a lot...it's just research, and I still am in contact with my ex (we were together for a very long time, so I have had time to research), and some of his friends! Don't worry..I will never be one of them.


  • whyizit

    My husband and I agreed to a "Bible Study" at the door. Two weeks later, here come our JW couple to teach us all about the Bible. So what do they do? They provide us with all kinds of pamphlets, colorful picture books, etc...and so on. So I asked the obvious question:

    "So which book of the Bible do you want to start with? Personally, I would like to read through Romans and Galatians! But you can pick."

    (Strange look and silence.) "We would like to start with this." As Mr. JW slips a fresh copy of "What Does God Require?" under my nose. I open it and see a bunch of questions at the top of the page.

    "Hmmm." I say. "I thought we were going to study the BIBLE."

    "This is an introduction, so you can better understand.", he explains.

    "OH.", I say. "But isn't the Bible sufficient to teach us all we need to know?"

    Silence. It's getting awkward. I want him to come back, because I want to see responses to further questions.

    "Okay, I'll tell you what...," I say. "I'll read the questions at the top of the page, then I'll search the Scriptures for the answers FIRST. THEN, I'll see what your pamphlet has to say. Okay? because you would agree that we should always search the Scriptures, right? I mean, there are a lot of false religions out there, so I want to make sure everything lines up with the Bible."

    He agreed and they both were just so excited about the whole deal! Right up until they could see that the Scriptures didn't support their pretty little picture book afterall. Oh, well. I'd say we all learned something from the whole experience, even if there wasn't any admittance to it! ;0)

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