Your answer to a JW's question "What is an alternative?"

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  • ukescott

    A JW that I engaged in a series of debate finally posed this question. I can see that he is running out of his "canned" answers and he wants to defend his organization desperately or he doesn't want to admit that he is dead wrong. So he uses this faulty logic to depend his belief system. Anyway how would you answer to this question as ex-JW?

  • DanTheMan

    The question reveals his inability to imagine a life for himself outside of the borg. It's a tough one to get past, because the organization fosters such an extreme dependency in those who are addicted to it.

    I think the only way to address the question is to just be honest. For me personally, that would mean telling them that, no, I don't have an overarching moral authority that I look to for guidance in my life. I don't have a community of like-minded persons that provides me with support and reinforcement. But really, it's not so bad.

    Then again, I didn't lose my family when I left the JW's, really it was the opposite. Not only that but I lived the first 22 years of my life without knowing hardly a single thing about JWism, so I had a pre-cult life and personality that I could sorta revert back to. For raised-in-it JW's who would lose contact with their immediate family were they to leave the organization, those are whole levels beyond what I can empathize with. It's very sad.

  • jgnat

    For every feature of the JW's, there's an organization that does it better. The key is to ask him what feature of the Witnesses that is most appealing to him? Is it their neutrality in war, their evangelism, their study habits, their focus on family values?

    Doctors without Borders Amnesty International

    Jesus Film Gideons

    Alpha Program

    Family Values

    If he answers that their is not a single organization that features ALL the qualities of the Witnesses, of course. There's not a single person walking this earth that is exactly like me. But am I perfect? No. Should everyone in the world be exactly like me? No.

    The truth is there's not enough good in the society to declare them the best that spirituality has to offer to our world.

  • GermanXJW

    An independant, self-determined life is the alternative! I have given this answer several times and will do it again.

  • LoverOfTruth

    What a Perfect Answer GermanXJW.

  • Satanus

    As mentioned, it's a matter of what aspects they like. If the like the cultic unity, another cult would be an alternative: mormons, assemblies of yahweh, scientology, moonies, etc. Do they want a religion that follows aspects of the bible: pentacostals or baptists might appeal. Do they want original christianity without the sola scriptura claim: catholic is the ticket. Can they handle freedom; then they can find it on their own.


  • Ténébreux

    Try applying the same logic to some other situation, just to demonstrate how ludicrous it is. I've invented a pill containing a special proprietary formula which cures cancer. Yes, that's right - the actual cure for cancer! What? You don't believe me? Well then, name just ONE other alternative cure for cancer. Go on, just one. Ha, you can't do it. A cure must surely exist, and since by your own admission there are no other alternatives, mine must be the one! Will you be paying by cash or credit card?

  • nicolaou


    Life is not so bad once you leave the Watchtower (in fact most of us would testify that it's pretty darn good) but as I said to my sister recently, "I'd rather live in a grim reality than a wonderful fantasy any day".

  • SuzieQ

    Maybe the question should be "What Do I Want for my Life?". If you are spiritual, you always will be. If you need to worship with others then you should find out where that may be. There is never just two ways to anything. Hope you find contentment with yourself and your future decisions in your life. I find great relief in being able to freely participate in activities that are enjoyable to me; without guilt. Being a J.W. from childhood on through adult years was a very intense experience and it stole everything from me; I deserve to recover some of those things I missed out on. I get to work within a group and have my own opinion, and when others grab on to my ideas or opinions it feels very good. Discover your future at your own pace. There's no alternative (no equal) to life. LIVE DAMN IT! SuzieQ

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    The answer is you now have free reign to do whatever you want.

    If you need some suggestions I like zagor's post here.

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