My Cat Has Sleeping Sickness!

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  • Stephanus
    Most small animals sleep long hour my mom's dog never moves till she get home usualy tens hours.

    Most things are cute when they sleep - kids, dogs, etc. But cats sleeping are in a class of their own - they just look so...smug about it!

    maybe i'm part cat. i never laid out in the sun for a tan but i would for a nap LOL

    I've never seen the cat that is able to cross a patch of sun without succoming to the strength-sapping hypno-ray effects of the sun. Maybe you've got the same weakness...

    This thing is a monster..I can toss ranchers cattle back into thier own field with it!..LOL!!...OUTLAW

    Sounds like a winner - not only can you keep yourself free during winter, but you can return stray cattle to their rightful owners! What's the power rating on that thing? How many HP?


    Steph..It`s 5hp..Self propelled,forward and reverse..Has a big chimney it shoots the snow out of..It toss`s snow about 15ft..I could sneek up on a cow and give it a snow enema...OUTLAW

  • fokyc

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