How many individuals did you help

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  • sspo

    How many people did you study with to the point of baptism when you were a JW and how do you feel about that.

    In 30 years fortunately never brought anyone in except my kids even though i was very active in service.

  • Effervescent

    None thank goodness!

    Bible studies were a rare thing in our congregation anyways. My own family were as hard core as they get and to my knowledge in four generations of Witnesses no one ever "brought anyone in". They were more about breeding them in I guess....

  • exwitless

    We live in a college town, and so many of the studies that anyone in our cong. did was with Chinese students. Out of the hundreds of Chinese that were studied with over the years, guess how many attended meetings and got baptized? NONE!!! What a waste of time. I always hated working in that territory, because of the language barrier and the knowledge that whatever "good" experiences we had, I knew it would eventually be for nothing. I personally studied with 2 Chinese women. They were very hospitable and always looked forward to our study. But I always got the impression that they weren't studying out of interest in practicing religion, but out of curiosity of the Bible as an interesting book. They wanted to study it like a text book, starting from the beginning. Their interest was purely academic, in my opinion.

  • FreedomFrog

    None fortunately. I wasn't a "good" Dub the whole time I was in the Borg. Since I was 6 years old it just didn't feel right. My parents had to make me go and most time crying and complaining.


  • moshe

    I never brought anyone in, I had one serious study and his questions caused me to give it up- He could see too many problems in WT dogma. Anyway, I like to focus today on how many I am helping to get out.

  • jaguarbass

    I studdied with 2 people that I can remember that got baptized. I feel bad about that. Hopefully I have worked through the bad karma by now as that was about 30 years ago. I have no idea if they are still witnesses as I live in Florida and they live in Ohio. I hope they found there way free and left the confusion. I know I used to get mad at those who studdied with me, when I was going through my recovery phase. One thing I can say is I and they were all kids or very young adults.

  • Undecided

    Nine that I can remember.

    Ken P.

  • zagor

    That is one of the things I'm really ashamed of even to think about these days, but I was still kid myself at the time. I was a pioneer (and mind you, really good at it) have had something like 10 studies and have 'helped' two whole families in. But few years ago I've heard one of those families (now living in Canada) stopped going to meetings all together. I wish I could get in touch with them somehow but lost every trace of them. Someone said they even changed their last name just to get away from JWs. The other family is now somewhere in Europe and I've lost track of them too.. It hurts but I just have to live with it.

  • atypical

    I never once started a bible study, but I was really good at helping the unpopular witnesses keep coming back when they were discouraged. I always had an obsession with the underdog, and I hated seeing people leave because they got treated bad by the superfine in-crowd. Now I look back and feel kind of stupid, but my motivation is still the same in a way.

  • GoingGoingGone

    Studied with one person who got baptized. But I think she's out of the borg now.... thank goodness. Otherwise, I'd feel really guilty.


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