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  • metatron

    I didn't know of any directly, but what I think is more notable is the number of congregations in which nobody wants the job of accounts

    servant! It's a hassle and an annoyance. Some congregations have to almost force brothers to do it.


  • restrangled

    I don't think any elder I ever knew was untrustworthy with contributions. I think it would be pretty rare, honestly.

    It went higher up with the Circuit and District Oversears getting the green handshakes. I have a few stories but cannot relay them here. It's what these boys did with these funds that is so ridiculous. They were not held accountable to these cash contributions so they were considered discretionary funds....despite what the contributer thought, ....special boys had different ideas.


  • Honesty

    I was Accounts Servant in a KH and never had any problems except for the life of me I couldn't figure out how we always had a deficit when we were taking in over $1600 a month and our expenses were less than $1000 a month.

    I never saw a bank statement the entire time I was taking care of receipts and depositing the $ into the local KH account.

  • DaCheech

    It's easy to pocket $$$$$$$$ while doing the collection process.

  • LoverOfTruth

    As much as I really Hate this religion and the way they separate families, I Couldn't Imagine someone stealing from the Collections. But then again, I never thought anyone would molest children. I never thought there were some who were JWs (Men) because it made them feel powerful. I suppose anything is possible and I wouldn't be suprised.


    I`m sure some have stollen,but it`s not the norm in my experience..Most of the guys I knew,would make up any cash difference out of thier own pocket...OUTLAW

  • Midget-Sasquatch
    It's easy to pocket $$$$$$$$ while doing the collection process.

    Not really. When I was accounts servant the instructions were that I had to have another brother come along with me in collecting and I'd make 2 copies of the receipts slip. The other brother would have the job of giving that to the Secretary...so one couldn't fudge the numbers later on....the two brothers would have to be in on it. But then I didn't have liberty to pick who I wanted to collect with me either. I was assigned 3 brothers I could use. Not that I'd steal. My beef with them is that they were "yes" men and suck-ups. Most dubs are very honest in this regard. In fact its more often the case that elders have to pony up money when the congregation falls behind in its bills. We're not allowed to use any cash money contributed to the WWW or the KHB Fund to cover the hall's expenses.

  • blondie

    Actually, elders have few opportunities to embezzle money. This responsibility is almost always handled by an MS. I will say that in 50 years of attending meetings, I have known of 3 MS who embezzled funds. The brothers would rather you steal someone's wife than steal the WTS money. In recent years, some congregations have had the temerity to use "worldwide funds" to pay the utility bills and the KH mortgage rather than send it to headquarters. The WTS was forced to put an item in the KM reminding them not to do that.

    Even at Bethel, the money is watched very carefully. That is why I know that the GB and Bethelites are not living high off the hog on money donated to the WTS. Perhaps money from individual rank and file given to them directly. Once the WTS gets ahold of a penny, they ain't giving it back very easily.

    *** km 12/03 p. 7 Announcements ***

    As a reminder to the brothers handling the congregation accounts, donations placed in the boxes for the Worldwide Work and for the Kingdom Hall Fund are to be remitted monthly and should not be used for payment on a Kingdom Hall property loan or for any other congregation expense.
  • willyloman

    In three decades, I saw one case of embezzlement. I saw a lot of incompetence - check book not properly balanced, funds overdrawn, deposits made infrequently while cash contributions piled up in a brother's desk drawer, and so forth. Someone above pointed out that no one wants the job. It'd a bit of a hassle, and lots of guys aren't good at managing money, balancing checkbooks, paying bills (their wives take care of it in their own household).

    The case of embezzlement was pretty serious. A MS worked for a large company and was arrested and charged with embezzling funds from the company till. When the elders got the news, they immediately audited the congo accounts and thought there might be some discepancies in the deposits going back about a year. Apparently, whoever had been assigned by the PO to audit the accounts didn't understand the process and basically let the accounts servant assure him things were in order and signed off on it.

    What I remember about the event (I was an elder at the time) was that we probably wouldn't have caught him if he hadn't been charged for a similar crime at work, and even then we'd have had a hard time proving it. However, as soon as he was questioned about apparent discrepancies, he confessed and said he estimated he owed the KH around $2,500 and said the amount had been higher but he had started paying it back--with the money he took from the business.

    He had money problems due to medical bills for a chronically ill spouse, so he began dipping into the cash at work and then into the funds he was supposed to be caring for at the KH. He was not DF'd but was removed as a Svt. He escaped jail time on the criminal charge but lost his job and moved to another state. Never heard from him again.

  • vomit

    My step sister used to steal some money from the box after the book study that was at our house.
    It probably totaled 50 dollairos in the space of a few months. Even after other Elders found out nothing was ever said.

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