Zone Visit - Sri Lanka Governing Body member David Splane

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  • Liyanage

    Last Sunday (23rd February 2015) we had our zone visit ( Visit Headquarters Representative). This time governing body member david splane and brother john ekrann came to Sri Lanka. And they spent almost one week in Sri Lanka.

    In his talk brother splane highlighted the contribution that they are receiving Sri lanka. And he mentioned one publisher give only average of Sri Lanka Rupees 165/- ( Equal to US$ 1.25) for a month. Therefore he encourage to increase the that amount. Since they are going to built new 4,000 congregations.

    And further he discourage the higher education as usual. Personally I'm not willingly donate to worldwide work. The main reason is the luxury facilities at bethel Sri Lanka. All the rooms are air conditioned and equipped with new furnitures. ( In Sri Lanka only less that 1% of people have AC rooms). They encourage others to make their life simple. However they do not apply that principle to their facilities. The monthly contribution ( US$ 1.25 x 6,000 Publishers = US$ 7,250/-) not enough to pay their electricity bill also.

    I don't know about the bethel facilities at other countries. However In Sri Lanka they have a luxury living standard compared with middle level life style of Sri Laanka.

  • smiddy

    Welcome Liyanage , we look forward to hearing more from you .

    What you have posted is a terrible indictment

    of Jehovah Witness double standards and their money grabbing at the expense of poorer nations .

    Shame on them .


  • Magnum

    More evidence that the org is focusing more and more on money.

  • jwleaks

    Liyanage, welcome to the board. Last year the Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower) in the USA bought the following luxury resort for US$57 million to house part of the headquarters staff and Bethel workers. Hope the standard in Sri Lanka is the same.

    Click on link >>> Rivercrest on the Hudson

  • fulano

    I recognize what Liyanage writes. Same was in my assignment, a country where the average people lived in poor circumstances, but the bethelites had luxury all around.

    Thats why the dream of most young pioneers used to be being bethelites.

  • DesirousOfChange


    And thank you so much for sharing a view of things "on the other side of the world" that most of us know nothing about.

    At the US Bethel, even the lowest Bethelite has an apartment that most anyone in NYC would die for......of course, most couldn't begin to afford to live in Brooklyn Heights.

    By keeping their real estate holdings in pristine condition with free labor they are able to sell it for a high price and re-build again with more free labor.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    And he mentioned one publisher give only average of Sri Lanka Rupees 165/- ( Equal to US$ 1.25) for a month. Therefore he encourage to increase the that amount.

    Nothing quite as disgusting as a rich westerner flying out to shake down the locals for more ca$h!

  • ToesUp
    We have heard so many active witnesses, that we still have contact with, tell us they are no longer donating. We have noticed that many of them will sit there and complain and bash the organization (Apostate style) and then say, "but it's still Jehovah's organization." Reminds us of the the Stepford wives! Crazy! Makes us want to scream...WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    These guys on the Governing Body are showing their true colors, which is very very good, the more they are going to send the rank and file out the door, and then less money, a snow ball effect were they become more and more blatant in asking for more money to make up for those leaving.

    I say let them keep it up it will bring them down faster!

  • sir82


    This is excellent news.

    As the money dries up, the demands to "give MORE, you worms!" will increase, which will further discourage JWs, who will contribute less, leading to more verbal beatings....

    A classic death spiral.

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