Why does it take so long for lurkers to join ?

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  • moomanchu

    How long did you lurk before joining ?and why?

    It took me about a year before joining and posting.

    I can sum up my reason in one word,


    Good job Watchtower.


  • Clam

    I discovered and started looking at the site in 2003 but only looked in once every couple of months. I really didn't think I had any reason to join or contribute, but as Christmas 2005 approached I suddenly felt like joining "the congregation". I left the Borg years ago and had done all my healing on my own, but in spite of this I'm glad I joined as I feel part of a movement which exposes the WTS and guides people out of or away from this nasty cult.


  • Ironhead

    You got that one right, FEAR! Fear of my dub wife. The argument we had when she caught me reading the post.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    just learning about the wt and reading is enough for many. and remember this is not the only forum around . i researched the wt for 5 years before ever coming to this site. and did 2 years on the internet before finding this place. and i still read much more than i post. READING IS FUNDAMENTIAL. JOHN

  • bubble

    I lurked for a year or so before posting. My hubby, South African Beef started posting before me but I was afraid that jws that knew me would read my posts and suss out who I was. So at first I didn't put down how old I was or where I was from, and god forbid I never mentioned my real name.

    But now I've lost the fear I've disclosed everything and I don't really care who reads it as I have no intentions of ever returning to the cult.

  • serendipity

    I lurked for a year too. There was a bit of fear, but I was not sure I wanted to participate in the bitterness and irreverence I saw here at that time - 2 years ago. The situation improved enough so that I decided to join.

  • blondie

    Fear that the evil apostates will take over your mind. Then you find out that the "evil apostates" are making a lot of sense.

    Lack of knowledge of how a computer works and thinking that somehow the elders are outside on the street and can zoom into what you are typing on the computer.


  • Seeker4

    I'm not sure how long I lurked before joining the old H2O. Before I had a computer, I would lurk at the library.

    I think part of holding back is that, once you make the decision to post, you've really stepped into the apostate world in a very formal way. It's sort of like the apostate's baptism!


  • sspo

    Fear and the feeling of a traitor especially if you are still attending the meetings.

  • J-ex-W

    I wasn't a lurker so much as a periodic peeker at other sites, fewer than a handful of times, before just recently delving into this one. An apostate I know (who I learned last summer was apostate) told me about this one after I initiated contact a few weeks ago. I didn't like the other sites, because what I saw there was mostly doctrinal quibbling, and that's not where I'm at. Or, born-again claims, "I thought I had the truth, and now I REALLY have the truth!" Again, not where I'm at. This one fits more, somehow.

    But fear, shame, self-doubt, paranoia, and still some residual deep-rooted beliefs that there is a definite WRONG WAY sign posted on the Apostate road. Now, I'm actually starting to--at least internally--embrace that title. Feels good, but I still know the s--- is going to hit the fan with family when I finally go public with all aspects. But it has to be done. Sitting on these truths is just too wrong.

    Thanks, JWD, for providing this new network. I probably still wouldn't be progressing as much as I have done in just the last few weeks if your site, in particular, didn't exist. And thanks, friend--you know who you are--for introducing me.

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