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  • Zico

    According to WT doctrine, the faithful and discreet slave is the whole 144,000... correct?

    And the 144,000 includes many first-century Christians, including all the Apostles, and also Russell?

    But Jesus appointed the Organisation as the Faithful and Discreet slave in 1919?

    So, as Russell and the apostles were members of the 144,000, they were the faithful and discreet slave, but they weren't part of the faithful and discreet slave as Jesus didn't appoint one until 1919, at which time he decided it was the Watchtower Organisation, represented by Rutherford?

    Or, he didn't appoint the Watchtower Org as FDS in 1919, but he appointed them as God's channel? But all the anointed were already part of this channel, so Jesus must have been leading this group since before 1919? So, when he inspected the religions of the Earth and chose the Watchtower one as his favourite, he already had pre-conceived ideas, since Jehovah and Jesus had already picked many thousands of people from that religion to be part of the 144,000, including their former leader, Russell, so it was obvious the Bible Students were his favourite.

    So why did he need 5 years to inspect all religions?

  • TopHat

    Send your question to the Watchtower and see what they have to say...I would like to know when they answer and how they answer.

  • garybuss

    Zico, You haven't read available Watch Tower Publishing Corporation history. Pragmatically, there's no confusion about what happened during Rutherford's whole time as the Society's lawyer and later as the Society's owner.

    Do one study on the topic of "creature worship" and the real events that later were called the "appointment". Most, maybe all, of the texts relating to the events are free and on line. This is a "crooked lawyer" story. It's there under the myths, and Gods, and claims, and under the religious hype.

    Read Macmillan, Rutherford, Paul Johnson, and later Schnell for an insider's look at Rutherford's character. Read Harvest Siftings and Harvest Siftings revisited. Find some old Bible Students and talk personally to them.

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