Describe What A "Good Friend" Is To You

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  • minimus

    You know who you true friends are when you are in need.

  • Her Ladyship
    Her Ladyship

    A true friend is someone who tells you the truth and refuses to humour you.



  • juni

    A real friend tells you the truth when you ask for their opinion - even if it hurts.

    Honest and has moral character.

    Kind toward others.

    Understanding about differences in opinions and doesn't have to have their way all of the time.

    Someone who is fun to be around. Someone who can laugh at themselves and loves to goof around.


  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    A good friend to me is someone that sees me as a person not a woman, not who and what I am made of financially etc. That person sees beneath the superficial and takes time to know me for who I am and am not. Good friends do not have to agree on everything. They respect and value differences. Who wants to have a reflection of themselves in front of them all of the time. I value honesty and I need trust. A good friend is someone that can find 30 minutes for you anytime day or night and in turn you must be willing to find an hour for them. In the end it will balance out. cabs

  • arwen

    A good friend is one who loves you unconditionally. A person who likes being with you in good times and in bad. Someone who respects you for who you are when you don't even know yourself. Someone who will laugh with you and cry with you. A good friend is a person that you KNOW loves you and that you can trust with your life. I am very, very fortunate that I have such a "good friend" and she is my best friend, Meljon

  • anewme

    After I left the org and got a job I met a gal at work and we clicked.
    It was such a relief to talk to woman who was very non judgmental, unlike all my former JW friends.
    I had done some bad things and this woman just laughed! "Hey, we all go through that stuff. Most of us when we are teens. You went through it kind of delayed at 48!" "So what, you got it out of your system and now you can settle down, thats all." "You are normal, believe me!" "Hey, you are alive, that's what counts!"
    I remember one funny moment when she adamantly stated "I never cheated on my husband Anewme! Never! That I can say!....hold on.......oh wait, er uh, there was that one time......oh hell, well we were already talking divorce by then!" I remember laughing my guts out!!!!

    I got pep talk after pep talk from this gal to forget the Watchtower Society and be happy I was out.

    I have kept in contact with this woman now long after quitting that job. She likes me and I like her. We are very different people and yet there is a sisterly connection between us. She has a little son, but no husband. She is supporting herself and her son. I admire her strength and courage. She calls to share good things and bad things with me. We share with each other life's ups and downs. She is 48 and just had her hip replaced. And I helped her with house cleaning and cooking and some trips to the doctor and drug store and shopping. Now she is back to work. She must work.

    So now my criteria for a good friend is not one who loves Jehovah necessarily, but one who loves God, loves
    me, loves their kids, LOVES TALKING, loves life, and admits their faults easily and is forgiving of mine and someone with a good sense of humor.

    For me, that is a good friend!

  • hillary_step

    A lonesome nymphomaniac who owns a liquor store and hardly ever speaks.



    Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!..My man hillary_step..Sometimes you out do yourself..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • juni

    A good friend to Outlaw is someone who has a supply of fresh OHenry bars. Jk man.


  • looking_glass

    Everything that was already stated (including Hilary's comment). but a real test is someone who you can sit in silence w/ and it does not mean that someone is mad, but rather you are so comfortable with eachother that you can enjoy the silence together.

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