Do you have a hope for the future???

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  • prophecor

    Much of what has been disemenated as truth from the WTBTS, I do believe. I think if anything they got their timing a little screwed up. I believe in Hell as is taught from their perspective as not a place of torment but mankinds common grave, I believe there will be a resurection of the righteous and the unrighteous to be effectively and fairly judged by God. Paradise is something I still believe in and long for.

    The earth in all it's problem and pain is still a beautiful place once we look away from the poisoning that has occured at the hands of man. Thru religion ( false ) , man's inhumanity to man, the fact that there are wicked spirit forces that work to seek the destruction of man in order to wreak havoc on the planet. I, too, no longer have much faith in the organisation, but I would prefer to seperate the messenger from the message. The WTBTS could also learn a lot from the churches as well. They don't have it all wrong either.

  • daniel-p

    Instead of dwelling on an imaginary place, I try to enjoy what I have now - because its the only thing I can be sure of in the moment - everything else can change. Be happy in your life NOW - nothing else matters.

  • garybuss

    I have a hope for the future, but my hopes are rational and real . . . I hope! I hope to be a good father and a good father-in-law to my adult sons and their wives. I hope to be a good grandfather to my grandson and I hope to be a good step-grandfather to my step grandchildren.

    I hope to be a good business partner to my business partners and a good room-mate to the mother of my children. I hope to be a good neighbor and a valuable citizen. I hope to live a long and comfortable old age and die in a warm bed with money in the bank. Those are some of my hopes.

    You wrote: "Do you still think there is the chance of living forever...paradise...etc."Absolutely not!

  • outoftheorg

    I hope to live out my life, being a nice person, helpful and caring and honest.

    Then if there is life after death I may or may not make it and I am ok with that.

    Other than that, I do not have any control on the future. Maybe that will or will not get me there, IF there is a there.

    So NOW in the present I refuse to worry or concern myself about these issues.

    Make each and every day pleasant if you can.


  • free2beme

    I have a hope for the physical future, and when I die I plan on becoming part of the spiritual energy of life and perhaps try this life again and see what happens on the next go around. Unless I feel I have done this enough times, in that case I may choose to be a spirit guide for someone else I am connected too on the other side. Perhaps I will not even return to this planet, or in this dimension. We will just have to wait and see, but for now I am content to make the most of the physical future I live in and make the most of it for those I share it with, as well.

  • anewme

    I have given up worrying about the after life. I am really trying to be a good human being and create peace in my family and in my community. I trust the creator of the universe to do with me as he sees fit.
    I worry more how I am going to feed and shelter myself in the coming years if I live!

    As far as a global hope, I hope mankind decides that peace is more profitable than war.
    I hope that more of mankind's diseases and illnesses find a cure.
    I hope that they DONT find that all the foods I've been eating all my life are the real cause of cancer and alzheimers.

    I hope I win the lottery!


  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    I absolutely have a hope for my future! I no longer believe anything the JW's say, nor do I believe in the Bible. But I do believe that there is a Creator and I believe we are all a piece of him/her/it. I believe I am eternal, I came to live this particular experience in this shell I inhabit now, which I will one day leave, to maybe return and live another experience. What I want to focus on though is now, today, to live the best life and help whoever I can in any way I can. Sometimes it will be helping someone to free their mind from the enslavement to ideas and beliefs that hinder the human experience.

    We all have god given talents that if developed can enhance our lives and those of others around us. Living our life believing we should slave and spend our time worshipping some God because a 2000 year old book tells us to, is a terribly sad thing.


  • Seeker4

    I hope to live a really long life. That's about my only hope. I have no belief in the Bible or god, etc.

    That having been said, every day I live my life doing things that are good for my mind and body.

    I'm a writer, so every day I practice my trade and art. I do my best to be really good to whoever is around me. I want people to go away from being with me feeling better than when they arrived.

    I try every day to make a difference for a better world through my writing. Every day I try to connect with the place I reside, and try to make it a better place.

    So, rather than hoping, I guess I'm doing.


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