Bright spots after having left the organization

by The wanderer 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Abandoned

    Besides knowing, in my heart, really knowing that I'm not the kind of person that accepts intimidation, I'm also thrilled that my family and especially my mom can give me anything for any holiday and I don't turn into an unappreciative prick.

  • dobbie

    realizing i'm a lot stronger than i thought

    knowing my children can grow up to be normal adjusted people

    being able to feel comfy with all my non jw family again and feel their support and unconditional love

    being able to visit JWD!

    Seeing my husbands eyes opening day by day and realizing what a lot of rubbish the jw religion is and seeing him get more supportive of me and becoming a stronger person himself

    Making friends with my father in law and having a powerful ally in him to help my husband

    realizing that i never have to talk to my step father in law again (nasty elder) hooray!!

  • Quandary

    I can't wait to be able to post a reply to this question! Soon, very soon.


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