JWs and the making of many books

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Yeah this is a phrase in the bible that the Governing Body need to take seriously in fact the entire writing department who write the crappy books full misquotes and delusional thinking about being God's earthly organization. There should be hanging a banner over the entire printing operation, of all bethels through out the world. It seems they always miss the meaning of that scripture some how because they feel God wants them to print books when right there in the book of proverbs(one of many(books that is(oh this is so wearisome(another book about books) it say God hate books and also a higher education that why the Governing Body are so dumb.

    Every WBT$ Book is a best seller..

    The WBT$ Has a Captive JW Audience..

    Owning the Latest WBT$ Publication is a Status Symbol..


    The WBT$ Figured out a way to Make Money from the 7 Deadly Sins..

    ...............................Preach Against Some of The Sins..

    ..................................Encourage or Ignore the Rest..


  • smiddy

    An excellent post Magnum ,I thought I was really learning something while reading "All Scripture Is Inspired Of God And Beneficial" and "Your Will Be Done On Earth" , not forgetting "Babylon The Great Has Fallen Gods Kingdom Rules " , well , how relevant are those books today.

    Wasn`t it in the 60`s or 70`s that the Guinness Book of records had a number of JW books on their top 10 list of most distributed books ? ( Not most read mind you )

    The truth Book

    From Paradise Lost To Paradise Regained

    I think their were two more however I cant remember what they were .

    I think the policy of no higher education among Jehovah Witnesses is finally catching up with them .

    Their failed prophecys , their failed expectation of things to occur , no Armageddon before the end of the 20th century ,increases in the numbers of Annointed instead of decreases ,

    Coupled with these facts they have not been able to put together a book that is Intellagable or relevant scriptually for our day .


  • Tempest in a Teacup
    Tempest in a Teacup
    Ecc 12:12 - "To the making of many books there is no end, and much devotion [to them] is wearisome to the flesh."

    Throughout last year, this verse was routinely used to berate higher education. I'd just think to myself: LOOK WHO IS TALKING?!!?

    There was this witness I used to discuss the stupid education policy with, who called me after an assembly, excited to discover a bible verse 'supporting the GB stand on education' and quoted it.

    I asked her if it was logic that a non-stop-book-oozing-organization was even allowed to use that verse against anyone else, and that THE WT SHOULD BE THE LAST ENTITY ON EARTH TO QUOTE THAT VERSE.

    Because even big book publishing companies and newspapers do not forcefully impose on their readership to continually "study" the material they publish the way the WT does.

  • smiddy

    Magnum, actually that is an excellent point to broach with a witness who next calls on your door .

    Eccle. 12 :12 "To the making of many books their is no end , and much devotion {to them} is wearisome to the flesh."

    How many " books" have Jehovah Witnesses produced in their 130 + years of existence ?

    And how many of them are relevant today ? How many are non applicable to today ?

    How many of these books since the late 1870`s have any relevance in todays society .?


  • berrygerry

    Then the final insult was the absolute dumbing down of all material that followed. The Watchtower now is an absolute joke. What isnt written at the level of a small child is just copy/paste from other literature with a "the" taken out or a "as we see" inserted.

    If you analyze the growth in the past, it came from people that were familiar with the Bible.

    All of the new growth is from lands extremely unfamiliar with the Bible, and with economic uncertainty or stress - hence, the simple desire to see everything end, and the new world to begin.

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