taking jw kids out of school for xmas week

by dobbie 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • bobld

    They (WTS) say it's a lot less stress.The children don't even have to think about not saying

    Merry Christmas and the kids won't feel bad about not receiving gifts.They like to rub it in

    about how worldly people suffer during Christmas with all the shopping and the cost associated

    with Christmas and aren't we (JW) don't have that stress.

    The worldly people on the other hand say aren't we glad we are not one of those JW.

    We don't have to go door to door at 30 below or at 80 above.To meet the month quota of

    hours and mags/book/rv/bi.s.We don't have to go to five meeting a week,C.A.,D.O. & SAD.

    Also we don't have to stay a hotels that they tell us, Even if we can get them at a cheaper

    rate.Aren't you really glad you don't have to follow a dictator but Christ Jesus.

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