Living with family who believe that you deserve to die

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  • moshe

    The one sure dividing line between us and a JW is that they "preach the gospel of the WT Society" and have a written record to show Jehovah. That is the tangible proof for them that they will be the only survivors at Armageddon. Fact is, they know that many wordly people live a better and more moral life than they do. But they don't have that service report from the WT, that is the JW's imaginary ticket to paradise.

  • sspo

    Sadly they not only judge the 6.5 billion people that are not Dubs and deserving of death but they also judge their own that are not very active in service or miss meeting.

    One thing that used to make me sick, was how the 5 hr publsher used to be looked upon as weak spiritually and maybe not making it into the new system but glorify those that put in 10 hrs a month as being strong an very active.

    When the CO visited a huge amount of time was spent talking about low hour publishers and try to build up their time, as if that's what gives life.

    Work in behalf of the watchtower is glorified and not true faith.

  • evetteto

    Can someone instruct me on how to copy and paste a quote...plzzzzzzz. Rebirth, are we married to the same man? cuz thats all I hear from my husband, I go out but I dont drink....I had a beer saturday nite (mind you I sat in the car while doing so ) and my goodness I was ev'thing but a child of God, and me being a christian didnt help matters( and I really dont drink, but just had a taste for a beer), always calls me evil with such hate, when the most important thing is to LOVE!!! So I say Fruck'em and feed him catfish. I will continue to pray for the scales to be removed!!! Continue to Love him Unconditionally!!

  • Poztate

    I posted this a few years ago and it is just as true today. If you are out of the Dubs you deserve to DIE

    A few years ago,my father and my wife were talking religion at our house after we had invited him for dinner.

    Naturally The subject of the new system and how close it was came up...Hey what do you expect...dubs only know one topic.

    HOWEVER...they started to talk about my chances of making it in since I had rejected Jehovah Jesus WTBTS.

    IN FRONT OF ME...They came to the conclusion that I would likely be killed at "A" (soon)

    I had to say ...HELLO... HERE I AM...They were so engrossed in their little imaginary thoughts that they had forgotten I was there.

    Anyone else had something so sick happen to them????


  • Hortensia

    Here is a funny story: I dropped out of the WTBTS/JWs years ago. I married a Presbyterian man (I don't believe in any religion so it's all one to me.) My mother and her husband came to the wedding, sort of. They stood outside the church and watched through the window! You can imagine how that puzzled our friends, but they didn't say much about it. They knew my folks were JWs. Then my mother and her husband spend some time that weekend with us and our friends. My husband recalls seeing my stepfather grinning and having a good time until a glare from my mother killed his smile. I remember my mother saying, with real shock, "why, your friends are NICE." I had a good laugh about it funny. My mother seemed able to hold two contradictory feelings at the same time - on the one hand Jehovah is going to kill off everyone on earth except a relatively few JWs, killing even some of those JWs who "think they are righteous but aren't." On the other hand, she obviously loved her apostate children, and had no trouble associating with us. "But, mom, you're talking about us when you talk about everyone being killed at Armageddon." She would change the subject. Does anyone remember hearing the following idea at one of the meetings? The speaker was discussing how Jehovah could kill little children along with their parents. Why wouldn't Jehovah have pity on the little children? The speaker said, baby rattlesnakes are still snakes. My sister says I imagined it, but I remember how shocking I felt that was. My poor mother has passed on and was faithful to the end. In the end, I was glad of it, as it would have been tragic, I think, for her to realize at the end of her life what a huge lie and terrible waste of time it all was. She died confidently expecting to see her mother and father and her husband in the resurrection. I don't believe any of it, and being raised in that religion was a disaster - I can't tell you all the horrible things that happened to me. But I escaped fortunately and they don't have any control over me now. This has been a rather rambling post - sorry.

  • Hortensia

    Oh yes, I wanted to say - you are a nice person and anyone but a JW would recognize that. To them being a decent person, responsible, kind and so forth, doesn't count. What counts is lip service to the party line and the appearance of righteousness. Be happy you are who you are, and when they say something outrageous, call them on it in a pleasant straightforward way. They belong to a religion that makes it OK not to love people.

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