anyone know the latest/current standing of associating with df'd ones....

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  • orbison11

    anyone know the latest/current standing from the wtbt regarding associating with df'd ones?

    there seems to be so many different standings,,,,i need to know, thank u


  • Abandoned

    I'm not sure, but I think that the elders won't let you play with their toys.

    Seriously, it's a disfellowhipping offense.

  • orbison11

    thanks, do you know where i could find that?

    i just saw mary's post (below) in the thread on the ##'s from the nov awake,,,,,that is very interesting and if any know where i could find at least one of those articles would so apprecate


    I'd have to say "yes". That's why they've had 2 WT studies within 6 months of each other, telling the R&F they must cut off their own flesh and blood if they "rebel" against the WTS. This pathetic attempt to squash any sort of individualism in the Organization is reflected in the numbers.


  • Abandoned

    Well they can't take any chances what with us being this close to the end and all.

    I wish I could help you on the references, but I don't have any jw paraphanalia anymore. There are a number of posters here who do have CDs and could probably help you with that though.

  • sspo

    The principle set forth in Jesus' words at Matthew 10:
    34-38 has a bearing on situations involving disfellowshipped or disassociated relatives.

    Special and difficult problems may arise in relation to social gatherings.

    Loyal worshipers of Jehovah will want to adhere to the inspired counsel at I Corinthians 5:11.

    Normally, a close relative would not be disfellowshipped for

    associating with a disfellowshipped person unless there is spiritual association or an effort made to justify or excuse

    the wrongful course.

    Pay attention to the flock page 103, Now if you can get away with it will depend on the body of elders

    I talk to my DF daughter and everyone knows about it, the elders could not do a thing once i enlightned them from their own book.

  • becca1

    "don't touch them with a ten foot pole"

  • jwfacts

    Everything you ever wanted to know and more about disfellowshipping is at

    The rules are getting stricter over time, and the number of offenses continues to increase. You can be disfellowshipped for talking to a d/f person. However I find that elders vary between congregations and countries as to how strictly they enforce it.

    Watchtower 1981 September 15 pp. 25-26 " But if he will not cease to fellowship with the expelled person, he thus has made himself ‘a sharer (supporting or participating) in the wicked works’ and must be removed from the congregation, expelled”

  • carla

    My jw said he would not talk to a df'd elders son. He would appreciate if the brothers & sisters would treat him the same if he did such 'terrible' wrong doing (though, who really knows what the 'terrible wrong doing' is if all is kept secret? other than the gossip mill) Of course he has never actually experienced this love from his other family so it is easy to say so, isn't it?

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