Is it unwise to have your real name and photo on JWD?

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  • *jeremiah*

    I googled JW something or other and one of my own Topics came up first on the google search. It caught me off guard. I'm wondering, is it more wise to have an alias name and avatar photo?

    I understand many on JWD keep their identity hidden so that there is little chance of being found out from JW friends, family, elders, etc. That's not my worry though. I am thinking more along the lines any potential legalities the WTS could hold against me.

    Is this possible, should I change to an alias?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I use my real name without fear the are going to come after me.

    I figure as long as I am telling the truth they won't have a lot to drag me into a courtroom.

    It just wouldn't be worth their time, effort or $$$$

  • DannyHaszard

    Google index shows Danny Haszard has 50,000 anti watchtower cult pages actually it's much higher the indexing is incomplete

    Come and get me

  • Oroborus21


    i wouldn't say that there might not be some reason why the WTS couldn't go after you for some legal reason, like maybe if you posted some copyrighted info beyond what is legally permissible, but for the most part you or individuals don't have to worry about the Society coming after them for partipation on forums.

    what you should be MORE concerned about is the use by potential employers or clients, or even potential significant others, competitors, etc. etc. that any of these persons might make from anything you post online in this forum or elsewhere on the Net.

    there are tons of scenarios where you might not want someone to know that you are, were, or even care about Jehovah's Witnesses or to know any such person info about you. if you are so concerned then take steps to minimize your exposure.

    Also consider that anything you put on the Net, even in any so called "private" pages, etc. could eventually be made available to someone you have not anticipated, made generally public, or might be discoverable in legal process. It is also potentially "forever" or extremely long-lasting and might be used for some purpose many many years from now.


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    We are EX- witnesses, we speak out with fear less ness, Ours is the cult of true freakish ness ………(I forget how the song goes)

  • Honesty

    I want the Watchtower Society to introduce litigation against us.

    They will not debate the soul, eternal conscious separation from Jesus, Romans 6:7 or any of their other demonic twisted doctrines with me.



  • Elsewhere

    I'd like to see someone try to Google "elsewhere".

  • jgnat

    It used to be that "jgnat" brought up all my posts. But then a smart developer named some software after me. Now, I think I'm buried on page 1,000 or so. Find out what google thinks of you, here:

    I think a handy rule of thumb is to say only what you don't mind a million or so people hearing. And don't expect to remain anonymous forever.

    As for the WTBTS suing us, for what? There are freedoms in our country. Freedom of expression, freedom of speech. As long as we hold forth OPINIONS, or CRITIQUES of their actions and works, they are fair game. You will notice that the admins are pretty diligent about removing names of INDIVIDUALS, such as ill-favored ELDERS from the board. They are entitled to their privacy, too.

    I think some of us deliberately "out" ourselves. As long as we're ready for the consequences.....

  • lighthouse19something

    What can they sue me for? I don't have much money, my jw parents were talked out of helping me go to collage ( my parents did encourage trade school in 1978 ).

    What grounds could they sue for? I could expose more, plus all I have to say is that I BELIEVE what I wrote. I'm not condoning violence, vandalism or other mischief

  • Abandoned

    You only have to worry about libel if you say things that aren't true or damage a reputation unfairly. The good thing about pointing out things about the jw and especially, the governing body of jehovhah's witnesses is that they have most of their hypocrisy well-documented. They have changed their policies and tried to hide it. They have predicted that things would happen in certain years and then try to play it off as something that was misunderstood by the rank and file. The only ones buying into their bullsh*t and lies are those who are still brainwashed. For the rest of us, including the judge and those who sat on the jury, the lies are there in black and white.

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