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  • NanaR

    I have been thinking a lot lately about the relationship between Jesus and those who are "born again" by the spirit. It occurred to me that this is the ONLY relationship in the JW religion where the "organization" or the fds does not intervene (see recent threads regarding Jesus as mediator ONLY of those in the new covenant according to JW doctrine).

    Since the number of those partaking of the emblems at the memorial has remained basically unchanged over the last 20 years (increased some years, decreased others, but no steady movement in either direction), I was wondering what the future might hold with regard to JW doctrine regarding the heavenly class.

    I read another thread that indicated some congregations have taken steps to decide who is "truly" anointed.

    If the sealing stopped in 1935 except for replacements for unfaithful ones, why does the number "wobble" instead of decreasing? People born in 1920 (15 in 1935) are now 86 years old if still living; and we know that not all of the anointed were young folks in 1935. So, faithful or unfaithful, they are passing away. Just how large does the borg think the apostasy after Russell was? And are there any "memorial partaker" numbers recorded prior to the 1960s? (Recently, I couldn't find numbers for memorial partakers in a 1960 yearbook that I have).

    My question I guess is this: How can the borg come between Jesus and his "Bride"? And are we going to see a reaction because they are furious that this relationship is "beyond their control"?

    Perhaps someone who is still "in" can comment as to whether they have noticed any reaction to the recently released "increase" numbers for Memorial partakers in 2006. And I would also like to know if any direction has been provided regarding counting or "screening" partakers at the 2007 Memorial this coming spring.



  • lost_light06
    How can the borg come between Jesus and his "Bride"?

    Maybe they're like a condom, keeping Jesus from knocking up his old lady.

    I think I'm going to start refering to them as "the Trojan Class"


  • AuldSoul

    The new and improved bOrg chastity belt! It requires a specially designed key that you can only get from the bOrg, anyone without the key is SOL.

    {edit} Looks like LL06 and I share similar thought patterns.

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