Christmas Albums you own

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  • anewme

    At the library I rented Linda Ronstadt Does Christmas, Natalie Cole Does Christmas, Chris Isaac At Christmas Time, and I got a weird one from the Dollar Tree----Christmas with a Saxaphone! It sounds more like a Christmas hangover! But hey,I love it all and am listening to it now. I just finished mailing out all the cards and wrapping more packages. Every night we bask in the glow of the 3 Christmas trees, (yes 3), we put up. My living room looks like a Christmas tree store! I couldnt help it! Ive got the Christmas Spirit this year! Its my first Christmas! I bought a little tree, my MIL gave me her 7' one and someone put one out on the side of the road this summer!

    The Christmas music is so essential to get into the spirit dont you think?

    I get all teary.........oh holy night, the stars are shining brightly. It is the night of our dear savior's birth. Oh night! DIVINE!!!!!!!!

    yeah, the music gets to Anewme.

    Have fun everybody!


  • anewme

    sorry for the double post. how did that happen?
    sorry for the double post. how did that happen?

    uh oh.
    uh oh.

  • sammielee24
    Transiberian Orchestra

    Love it. Hey purplesofa, did you get to see their live performance? It's amazing!

    Some Christmas CD's I have are Celine Dion, Chipmunks, Charlie Brown, Elvis, Country Christmas, Anne Murray - way too many to list - the last one I picked up was Sarah McLaughlin. sammieswife.

  • GentlyFeral
  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre


    I've been looking for Jingle Cats

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