anyone ever had a pet custody battle in a divorce

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  • dawgfan

    Thanks guys for the ideas

    I found 2 good links to send to her about quaranting animals that come into her country and the dangers of transporting pets in cargo holds.

  • sammielee24

    I would take the dog if it meant that much to me - with the promise of sending her pics if it's amicable. My ex had my dog put down the minute I wasn't looking - she was diabetic and blind and I was trying to work something out that would work. Because of her blindness, it was safer for her to remain in the home where she was more familiar with everything. I went out of town for a week and he got mad - I will never forgive him for that - ever, ever, ever, ever. It haunts me to this day. sammieswife.

  • Honesty

    You're not being stupid.

    I was married to a third generation JW with several of the 'anointed' in her immediate family.

    She fixed the problem over who would get the dog when we split by taking it to the local pound and having it exteriminated put to sleep the next day. I would have been in the gas chamber with the dog except I hid from her when she left.

    Yes, the one true religion does teach love and compassion.

  • Mystla

    The minute my back was turned my ex took my dog to the pound.. fortunatly I found out about it and rescued him in time. I was supposed to get the dog when I found a place that allowed pets.. but he couldn't even wait that long.. all he had to do was call me and I would have worked something out (as it was my sister took the dog after I rescued him until I found a place) Teh dog ended up with kennel cough from being in that awful place...

    People can be so cruel, using innocent pets to hurt someone else.


  • diamondblue1974

    Personally my ex wife will get the cat; she will take good care of her and she was always her cat in any respect- I get some contact (or access as it was once called LOL).

    My father loved his dog as it went everywhere with work, to the bookmakers, to the the name it...the dog went with him; he was well known for saying that he would throw his wife out of the house before he got rid of the dog...personally knowing my stepmother, I dont blame him either. I wonder who would win that custody battle LOL.


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