Career Change???

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  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Local community colleges are a good place to start for a 2 year degree that places you in a pretty good paying job. If you like the medical field, lab tech or RN are both good. They have counselors that will help you go over the programs to see what fits in with your schedule. I assume you still have to work while you attend school.

    There's something to be said for enjoying the type of work you do. Good luck.

  • Junction-Guy

    Thanks you all, I have received alot of good advice here. I think the medical sales job sounds interesting. As for staying in my current job, I really dont want to. I just feel I need to do something with my life. Start a new career, get an education, do something-anything. I need to make a clean break in life, and start over. If I stay here and in my same job, I will never put the past behind me. My job pays decent and has good benefits, but I feel that it was the only option for me due to lack of education. My friend Jeannie says Im intelligent and need to put my talents to work. Right now I need to get my medical issues worked out first before I do anything major.-----------------------Thanks for all yor advice,Dave

  • Qcmbr

    Junction - start your own business - I started my own two years ago and would never go back. If you start something in sales on the internet and work around your current job until your business grows to the point it costs you money to go to work. If you find your business failing then stay with the security of your current job but if your business succeeds you'll be your own boss and can then choose how hard to work and what your personal career goals are. If you work for someone else (with very few exceptions) in a capitalist society you will never be rich or free - you will 'always' owe money on your home or car or store card and be working for less money than when you become the owner and capital holder. All this said - what you do is not a measure of your worth - who you are is - some of the greatest people are ground down by their job or financial position yet they are still hero s and filled with integrity - never sell your soul for ease of lifestyle.

  • Junction-Guy

    Hey, now I know the perfect job for me. I could be a traveling food critic. I could travel around the country and eat at various restaurants and rate the food and service. Does anyone know where I can find a job like this?

  • zagor

    I'm actually going through major shift careerwise as we speak. Have been into computer/electronics engineering for several years but in time just lost joy doing it. I'm shifting onto something completely different for which I don't have formal training but have lots of personal experience. I'm talking about sport health and fitness.

    to add: to anyone thinking about career change, I'd say go for it. Even if it means gradual transition over a year or two. It is better to do what you enjoy than over the years completely burn out in job you hate, which will definitely happen if the only reason you do it is to pay bills.

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