What state are you from?

by Junction-Guy 133 Replies latest jw experiences

  • JH

    State of Quebec

  • Junction-Guy

    Is it cold up there in Quebec right now? It has been bone chilling cold the last 2 nights here.

  • JH

    It's -1C or 30f right now.

    It was colder a few days ago, like -10C

  • Junction-Guy

    it got down to like 12F last night. The downstairs in my apartment is always colder in the winter. I finally just went to bed this morning just to get warm. I wasnt really tired, just cold.

  • gymbob

    Southern California, central Kentucky, northwestern North Carolina, Brooklyn New York, and now central California. This is where my kids are, so this is where i'll be!


  • BrentR

    Western WA, lived here my whole life. Right now I live just south of Yelm and I hope I can find someone close to chat with. I just found this forum today and I think life is going to be whole lot easier now that I have found hundreds if not thousands of people that I can very much identify with. This is absolutely great and I look forward to getting to know everyone and hearing your story.

  • Yesterdays Child
    Yesterdays Child

    Cleveland ohio Freezzing

  • Yesterdays Child
    Yesterdays Child

    Cleveland ohio Freezzing

  • Snoozy

    Hey..It's pretty darn cold here in Missouri too!

    At least we are going into a warming spell..over the freezing mark for a few days. Then rain..hopefully it will melt all the sleet that is sticking around.

    Snoozy..who lived in Mo most of her life..except Oak Ridge, Tennessee for a year and a half..that was the first time Oak Ridge had snow in winter that the townfolk could remember..

  • uninformed

    1961---Prescott AZ

    1963---64--Albuquerque, NM (south valley cong)

    1965--66--Denver (cherry Creek cong)

    67-68---Prison (Tucson, AZ, Mt Lemon, Springfield, MO released)

    69-70--North Little Rock, Jacksonville, and Newport, Arkansas

    71-77--Aurora, MO

    78--80--Gladewater, TX

    81-86--Austin, Texas (Allendale cong)

    87-89--Republic, MO

    90-96--Luling, Texas

    97-2000---South Austin and San Marcos

    2000-2006--Kansas City, Ks

    These are just the places I've lived since becoming a witness at 15 years old. Before that lived in Gila Bend AZ and Napa Calif.

    What a life?


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