JW's and Mormon's argue who has the true religion

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  • moshe

    And, If this ever happened it could go like this:

    A JW debates a Mormon about who is the one true religion on earth and a stalemate ensues so they go to an impartial Beit Din- a Jewish religious court of law- The Rabbis listens to each sides arguemenst and then rule " We have three choices here,

    #1- The JW is right , #2- the Mormon is right or #3, they are both wrong , it's a black and white open and shut case".

    The JW protests -""But ,We are God's chosen organization on earth, The Governing Body told me so!"

    The Rabbi says : "We have three choices here"

    Jehovah has seen 100 years worth WT doctrinal flip flops, false prophecies, innocent deaths from WT medical rules, KH protected pedophiles, etc and:

    A: He saw it and doesn't care

    B: He saw it and does care, but can't do anything about it

    C: God didn't see anything, doesn't care and can't do anything.


    Which answer do you think is right?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    A: He saw it and doesn't care

    With a caveat - He will hold an accounting, just not yet.

    Liars, and false prophets will be consigned to Gehenna I was told. Maybe so.



    I believe that He sees it, and will do something about it at a future date.

  • reneeisorym
  • moshe

    Jews who survived the Holocaust had a similar personal wrestling about God and his involvement with mankind. Most Jews could not accept A as to why God didn't intervene to stop the Holocaust early on. B -is the answer many could accept and C is the answer that many Jews used who became non-religious. I don't expect to see any supernatural intervention by God concerning Jehovah's Witnesses. Anything that happens to change them into a more humane religion with personal freedoms will be a result of human desires for change, both from within and without. I am leaning to answer B for Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • 2050

    D: God didn't see anything. He doesn't exist. All religion is created by man, all Gods are created by man.

  • moshe

    Yes, a valid answer, 2050. Most humans have a problem with that one, witness all the religions and Churches. People pray to an unknown God even when they don't belong to a religion. I wonder, if in a future more evolved, mature time that humans won't finally be able to answer the question on the existance of God. I sure don't expect God to intervene in the affairs of men or stop the sun from burning up our world in one billion more years.



  • 2050

    Yes, it seems that the majority of mankind believes in some kind of God. I consider myself to be a humanist. Religion is very old, science is still young. I can understand why so many people turn to God for answers. Man doesn't seem to be doing a very good job. But we must remember that the human species is still very young. There is a lot to learn. Here is a funny thought. The witnesses will continue to wait for Jehovah to create a paradise for them. If they are still waiting in 2500 maybe they will get tired of waiting and create it themselves.

  • lfcviking

    Maybe there isn't a true religion at all, maybe there is no God. No one can PROVE that he actually exists all we have is reasoning of his existence.

  • 2050

    Religion is not based on logic, it was here before science. It does serve a purpose though. People need something to turn to in times of need. Many people don't want to die, (that's understandable, most life has an inbuilt sense of self preservation). Since humans understand that they are going to die, they invent things like heaven, or paradise. It is a reflection of the instinct of self preservation. Instinct is molded by natural selection. If birds flew into the mouths of cats their genes would not be passed on. Fear is bred into animals. If you go to the Galapagos islands you will find that you can walk right up to the animals and they wont think anything of it. There seems to be an interesting trend. In the more educated countries there are usually less people who believe in God. Just some of my thoughts. I don't want to offend anyone, I respect all beliefs as long as they aren't harmful.

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