THE (predicted) FUTURE vs the ACTUAL FUTURE (in fiction)

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  • Terry

    We are told that "Form Follows Function" in design.

    Technology tries to anticipate pockets of genuine desire for products.

    I can remember circa 1979/80 seeing a Sony WALKMAN for the first time and really flipping out. A guy walked into the art gallery where I worked with the headphones on carrying the WALKMAN. I asked him what it was and he let me put the headphones on and lisen. It was love at first listen!!

    I couldn't wait to get a portable device that would allow me to play cassettes.

    Today we have a proliferation of fantastic storage devices such as iPOD and iRIVER mp3 players, video players, FM tuners and digital recorders no larger than half a cigar. The access capabilities are amazing. With the old WALKMAN you had to FF or RW to get to the tracks you wanted. Also, there was the problem of tape hiss in your ear.

    Portable telephones are growing ever more sophisticated.

    My former father-in-law just bought a 2007 Honda automobile that is like a spaceship with its technology of satellite guidance systems, voice activated radio, heat/air, etc.

    Home Theatre systems with flatscreen wide High Def and surround sound can replicate the theatre experience without the annoying moron behind you kicking your seat.

    What technology do you wish would go away?

    What technology do you wish would arrive?

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