For those that think there are "subliminal images" in Watchtowers...

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  • AlmostAtheist

    Do you believe the Watchtower organization is inserting them, or individuals are doing so on their own?

    Having looked at the images that people have found and pointed out, I have to say that I don't think they are there at all. Just random patterns that happen to look like something familiar.

    BUT, if they *are* there, and they *are* intentional, then what possible motive could the Watchtower organization have for inserting them? If they didn't get noticed, it wouldn't do anything to further their agenda of increasing their membership and their net worth. If they DID get noticed, it could only serve to damage them. So I can't see any reason to believe the organization wants them there.

    I could buy that an individual artist (or group of them) inserts them for their own amusement. I don't buy it, but I could if I was shown an image that I could believe was an intentional insertion.

    What do you think? If you believe they are there at all, do you think the Watchtower is behind them, or just individuals? And for what reason do you think they are there?


  • kid-A

    I have no doubt they are there, but they are either 1) accidental illusions or 2) some bored prankster in the Brooklyn art department.

    There was one in 1983 (??) where a bearded man was clearly stippled into the bottom corner of a womans skirt, unfortunately I dont have a scan but I have the bound volume at home. This example was clearly deliberate as the illustrator would have had to go out of his way to put this image in. But so what? Some dudes face with a beard. Just the artists having some fun and given the dreadful monotony and soul-sucking boredom that must accompany life in Brooklyn bethel, I really have to applaud them for showing some attempts at creativity! LOL.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I think this website has exposed what is really going on at Watchtower HQ. There can be no question about their evil ways!

    Click here to see the real truth!

  • Outaservice

    Read the book JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES & THE HOUR OF DARKNESS by Darek Barefoot. It leaves no doubt about 'subliminal images' in Watchtower literature.

    Published by Grand Valley Press, PO Box 55362, Grand Junction, CO 81505. Also, FreeMinds might stock it too.


  • gumby

    Dave, I have to agree with you. When I get bored at the hall such as during a W.T. study, I look at the pics in the publications and can always find something that resembles a demon or other strange oddities. I think a person can do this with ANY picture and those that get excited thinking that the art dept. put them there ....are grasping at straws. As was mentioned, there are plenty of ligitimate fallacies without looking through artwork to find them.

    As you say.......there is no motive that would make any sense.


  • RunningMan

    I think that most of them are wishful thinking. However, there are a few (like the face in the skirt, the face in Jesus hand, and the scrambled movie marquis) that are just too clear and too much out of character for the picture to have been accidental.

    I'm positive that there is no sinister conspiracy at Bethel to try to control people's minds through subliminal messages. They just aren't that smart. So, I'm in favour of the prankster hypothesis. All of the clear pictures seem to have showed up around the same time.

  • gumby

    Off the subject a little but my daughter and her family recently toured Bethel. She came back and was disappointed that they do not let tourists in to see the art dept. Anyone know why?


  • Clam

    They don't want visitors to see this year's surprise Christmas card design -


  • pobthespazz

    It's a strange subject and having read D Barfoot's book , it opened up this issue , my own feeling is that there are certain members of the art dept who are playing pranks, certainly no G/B cover up.

  • blondie
    She came back and was disappointed that they do not let tourists in to see the art dept. Anyone know why?

    You have to make a specific appointment with someone you know at Bethel who either works in the Art Department or know someone who does, or someone with pull.


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