Famous lines from the toons? Got any?

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    "I wish my brother George were here"

  • Gregor


  • gwyneth

    "I will name him George and I will love him and squeeze him and hug him and pet him and he will be my very own!"


    (This is how my cat was named.)

  • Beep,Beep

    How could I forget this one?

    Bender: "Bite my shiny metal ass!"

  • undercover

    The two french chef's fighting over Bugs Bunny: "You were expecting maybe Humphrey Bogart?"

    Yosemite Sam in a Bugs Bunny cartoon spoofing the Civil War. Sam played a Confederate general who crossed the Mason-Dixon line into the North and commented, "I done touched Yankee soil. Gonna have to burn ma boots."

    Same cartoon. Bugs dressed as a Southern Belle pretending to hide a soldier. In a fake Southern accent: "He's not in heah! He's not in heah!"

    Come to think of it...any cartoon with Yosemite Sam..."I hate you, rabbit"

    The Bugs cartoon with the two Arkansas hillbillies, one of em named Punkinhead Martin. Bugs sings a square dance tune for the two brothers to dance to:

    Promenade across the floor, sashay right on out the door; out the door and into the glade, and everybody promenade.

    Step right up you're doin' fine, I'll pull your beard you pull mine; yank it again like you did before, break it up with a tug of war.

    Now into the creek and fish for the trout, dive right in and splash about; trout trout pretty little trout, one more splash and come right out.

    Shake like a hound dog shake again, wallow around in the old pig pen; wallow some more you all know how, roll around like an old fat sow.

    Allemande left with your left hand, follow through with a right and left grand; now lead your partner the dirty old thing, follow through with an elbow swing.

    Grab a fencepost hold it tight, whomp your partner with all your might; hit him in the shin hit him in the head, hit him again the critter ain't dead.

    Whop him low and whop him high, stick your finger in his eye; purty little rhythm purty little sound, bang your heads against the ground.

    Promenade all around the room, promenade like a bride and groom; open up the door and step right in, close the door and into a spin.

    Whirl whirl twist and twirl, jump all around like a flying squirrel; now don't you cuss and don't you swear, just come right out and form a square.

    Now right hand over and left hand under, both join hands and run like thunder; over the hill and over the dale, duck your head and lift your tail.

    Don't you stray and don't you roam, turn around and promenade home; corn in the crib and wheat in the sack, turn your partner promenade back.

    And now you're home; bow to your partner, bow to the gent across the hall, and that is all.


    "Home is where your rump rests." Pumbaa the warthog, The Lion King.

  • mariposa

    Juni - OMG I have that entire Wonder Pets song playing in my head over and over and over and over and over......

    "Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine " the seagulls from Nemo

  • GentlyFeral

    Foghorn Leghorn, gathering himself together after an explosion:

    "Fortunately, I keep my feathers numbered for ... just such an emergency."

    gently feral

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