What exactly is encouragement?

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  • naazira
    Haha you all are the best :-* I just felt like there was an underlying meaning. Oooh Armageddon, tsk I laugh in the face of danger! Mwahaha
  • scotoma

    When the elders ask when they can come by to encourage me I tell them it will be after they invite me and my wife over for a meal on some weekend. Anything less than that shows they don't really care.

    Years ago it was common to be invited to an elder's home. I haven't received an invitation in 30 years.

  • Finkelstein

    The term encouragement is simply another way for one to show their own expressive spiritual strength and in effect devotion to god and the organization to which has been exclusively chosen by god. (WTS.)

    It can come as a pretentious advocation or sincere depending upon who is doing the encouraging.

    Beneficial guidance comes from the leaders of the WTS for they have god's spiritual direction for mankind since they alone have been chosen by god .

  • stuckinarut2

    It is implied and obvious pressure to conform to the strict activity of the org....

    Exactly what Simon and Joe said above too!

  • Heaven
    All cults have their own loaded language. They regularly take normal words and build their own meanings for them. In the case of the word encouragement, Botchtower's definition is far from the actual, real, and truthful meaning of that word.
  • hoser
    OneEyedJoea day ago

    Encouragement (n) -

    1. Passive-aggressive social pressure intended to get you to become more involved with the cult.

  • Vidiot
    I've honesty lost count of how many words in the English language that the WTS has slightly redefined to suit their own purposes.

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