Visit on fader, is that a return visit?

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  • Scully

    If you want to find out whether they consider you a Return Visit™ or not, you can use a sign like mine which is placed prominently next to my doorbell.

    It simply says


    Note that the sign does not rule out social visits from anyone, JWs included. If a JW sees that sign and decides not to call, you know that their intent is "preaching" and they're likely counting whatever time, RVs and placements they can squeeze out of the call.

    I used to know Pioneers™ who would call on Inactive People™ in the Territory™ and ask to use the bathroom. That's it. And they counted the RV.

  • luvbug2007

    Thank you Scully, I am printing the sign now. They annoy the $hit out of us, I dont even answer they keep coming. So I rip the crap up and put it in a ziplock bag and tap it to my front door.

  • Scully

    Hi luvbug

    Glad you'll be able to use the sign. The more, the merrier!!

    I actually had a FedEx delivery guy notice the sign recently... he laughed out loud about the "NO PREACHING" part and told me how "awesome" he thought it was.. and said he was going to make one for his house too.

  • Leolaia
    Visit on fader, is that a return visit?

    Yes. This is what the other elders told him: "You must confront fader. Then, only then, a Jedi will you be. And confront him you will."

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

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