If Armageddon were a reality, the JWs would be the first to 'get it'!!!

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  • Gill

    It's a very rare thing to be invited to my parents house for dinner any more.

    I don't mind! Their JW crap just annoys me and I cannot stand their arrogant attitude so it suits me to never see them if I can help it. However, they are they only relatives that have anything to do with us, bar my sister, so we make and effort and go when invited.

    The drawback is, them rambling on about other 'family' gatherings that they have been to that we are no longer permitted to attend. I don't mind! I can't bear ten minutes with the arrogant so and so's.

    Out comes the constant rambling on who has what illness in the congregation! Just about every JW I've ever had the misfortune to meet is ill with something!! Then there's the moanings about, 'I've never known so much sickness going on! The world's never been so bad before. The end must be coming very soon!!!'

    I explain that there are more age related illnesses around as people live much longer now then they ever did before. I explain that AIDS, which at one point in the 1980's was feared to devastate half the world, is now an illness, as terrible as it is, but one that can be treated with great success!

    But this causes a huff and a puff reaction!

    To be quite honest, I then reverted to winding my fanatic JW Mum about anything she said. I know I'm getting to her when she starts jumping about clearing up, huffing and puffing!

    I wish my parents would shun me! I wish they would be like my husbands family who turn their backs on us all, even though they only live a hundred yards up the road.

    I can't bear the arrogance in the voice of a JW!

    If Armageddon was a reality, I'm absolutely certain that the first people God would wipe out would be the JWS!!!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Gill,

    Boy! Are you ever caught between a rock and a hard place. My situation is not identical to yours, but I am aware of the tug at our heart and mind as we are drawn into the maelstrom: "I really don't want to be here, but here I am!" I was with JW friends just prior to the tract work and they were going on excitedly about the great persecution soon to be upon them, as instigated by the clergy. Their attitude was not one of foreboding but of cheerful anticipation. "Let it come! Armageddon is next, and soon!" I was ill with worry and sorrow over their blind enthusiasm for a less-than-heavenly cause. Well, here we all are. Nothing different. Life as usual. Fortunately, these friends and family do listen to me, but, of course, I have to measure my words. I wish I could just come out and say loud and clear what's going on in the Organization. I really don't know your situation, but I infer that your straightforwardness with the folks is the only way to penetrate the wall. I hope you can find a "happy place"!

    With you in family and friends dynamics,


  • parakeet

    Gill: "However, they are they only relatives that have anything to do with us, bar my sister, so we make and effort and go when invited."

    That's what JWs never seem to get -- that we put up with THEM because we love them. Every arrogant statement they make that you endure demonstrates that your love is greater than theirs. And for that, kudos to you for your efforts to keep your family intact.

  • Gill

    CC and Parakeet! Thanks for your replys. But you do make me sound like a far better person that I am.

    I am feeling totally at the end of my tether with Jehovahs Witnesses, for relatives.

    The sheer stupidity of their 'utterances' is just annoying me to distraction.......particularly since it reminds me of my own ardent days as a dumb Witness!

    I've felt 'ill and bad' since I spent those few hours with my parents. All that having to shut up and put up with their insance ramblings reminds me of all those years as a Witness where you really can't say anything you think. And here I am, now able to say anything I think, whenever I want, and I find I have to keep quiet in the face of absurdity!!!!!!

    Just makes me mad!

    Putting this in the medical section was a mistake, but ironically not as I FEEL BAD!!!!!

  • aniron
    I was with JW friends just prior to the tract work and they were going on excitedly about the great persecution soon to be upon them, as instigated by the clergy. Their attitude was not one of foreboding but of cheerful anticipation. "Let it come! Armageddon is next, and soon!"

    Why is it that JW's live in this world of theirs that everyone is out to persecute them. Compared what some Christians are going through round the world that have it damned easy.

    They have been pushing literature like the latest tract for 100+ years, millions of books and magazines. They have spent billions of hours preaching.

    Yet you ask any non-JW, what do JW's teach/believe you get a blank look then followed by "No blood, knock on doors, No Christmas/Birthdays" and thats usually about the level you get.

    The JW's also seem to think that the clergy of "Christendom" are in fear of them. Well going by my Pastor, he has plenty of other things to worry about, I bet that JW's are the least of any ministers problems.

    As for these tracts no one in my road of 50+ houses has received one. They were supposed to be placed in peoples hands, but many have been found just stuffed through letter boxes or left in porches. One person posting on a forum said she found one on her doormat outside her apartment. She saw them on her neighbours mats, so she picked them up. Then she worked her way through the block and collected about 40+ then put them through her shredder.

    They really do have an inflated view of themselves.

    Next time you see your JW friends ask them why there are 234 more of the "anointed" this year than last.

  • BluesBrother

    Hi Gill. it is sad to read

    I wish my parents would shun me!

    Many of us whose parents are already dead, would give an awful lot to to go around to Mum & Dad's for a meal, just once again. Try and appreciate them while you still have them

  • Gill

    Hi BB!

    I do appreciate what you say, BUT, it's not a pleasant experience to be repeatedly told that you and your children are going to die very soon if you do not do exactly what the WTBTS say.

    Sometimes.....enough is enough!

    However, I still do take your point. And there lies the problem. Sometimes it really is just too much to listen to that crap anymore!

  • Abandoned

    The worst punishment you could give a jw is for them to wake up and find out that they are no more righteous than the rest of humanity. Think of how terrifying it would be for so many of them if they had to see those apostates every day and find out they weren't hated by god. That store owner who disrespected their literature is still a store owner and still doesn't need any books or pamphlets. Hah!!! Something that shocking could drive the whole lot of them sane...

  • frankiespeakin


    Depressing situation you find yourself in, this is true of so many, that no longer are decieved , and it is clear you do care for them, I see it in your responses to the silly statement they make, I too have relatives in the JWs that speak such mind numbing non sense, and the reason that makes it so hard is that you feel for them and don't want them to keep being decieved, and it takes a small miracle to get them to open up thier minds and think.

    I really am hopeful that many will leave because of the stupidity of the old men running the governing body are too old to make any good decisions, many no doubt have hardening of the arteries that supply thier brains with blood, and so will not be very creative in dealing with new situations of an ever changing world. The same old stuff is not working that worked 50 or more years ago, hopefully they will continue to dig themselves in a hole.And so the chances are good IMO if your relatives are not very old they will one day see the wisdom of the coarse you choose.

    I wish for many XJWs like yourself, a change for the better in the days ahead with our decieved relatives..

  • moshe

    Gill, here is where you need an ex-JW to do the dirty work for you. I wish I lived near you and could call the KH and ask for your parents by name and say I wanted them to stop by and have a Bible chat with me- oooh, I got the end of false religion tract and I need a study asap! I could come up with some excuse why I picked them. JW's talk to so many people, they would be flattered to think somebody remembered their converstation from several years ago. Let's see, "could we study in Judge Rutherford's 'Harp of God ' book first? I just know the older WT books are the closest to the original Truth"- makes sense, right?

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