"The Calendar of Jehovah God"

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  • Perry

    Pure Worship

    Pure Language

    Without spot

    Keeping the congregation clean

    And apparently a pure calendar

    ...all create an illusion of righteousness, which is the sole purpose of the WT from a theological perspective IMO. Since real righteousness is an impossibility for humans, the best they can do is to simply imagine themselves better than their peers through such devices as considered on this thread. The WT is the pimp that feeds this drug to the addicted.

    When understood this way all the nuttiness makes sense.


    I'll be needing Starday Redemtion 10th through Heavenday Redmetion 15 off. Any problem with that boss?


  • Leolaia

    Somehow "starday" smacks of the same kind of "pagan idolatry" of heavenly bodies that "Sunday" would have evoked to those anal about such things. How is "Starday" better than "Sunday"? Is not the sun a star?

  • lovelylil

    This is a really good post, thanks for sharing it. Lilly

  • Deleted

    Happy Temple 25th! This is just great. Oh that's so 30's Jaydub! Thanks, that's a keeper! Glen

  • BluesBrother

    Good Heavenday afternoon -( have I got that right? Perhaps they just shelved it until the New World )

  • Leolaia

    So do you think you would have heard things like this at Bethel in 1935??

    You're here in Peace? I thought you were going to come in Jehovah.

    The Toronto branch needs to fill their order of Vindication for the months between Vindication and Order.

    Don't be superstitious -- Mansday the 13th falls on Jehovah this year.

    I didn't realize it was already the end of Jehovah!

    Please, Judge, we need a break -- it's already the last day of Life!

  • stapler99

    I came across this on another forum and had never heard of it. It's crazy even by JW standards.

  • QueenWitch

    The Toronto branch needs to fill their order of Vindication for the months between Vindication and Order.

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! how confusing!

  • mP

    Hardly a non pagan calendar, its filled with 12 months and 7 day weeks and solar worship, Jehovah = Sunday, Starday and Light day. hmmm guess the GB do know the joke.

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