Why does Bible present God as too imperfect?

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  • economy

    Genesis 1:31 says: “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” In other words, God rated His works as perfect.

    If this is true, why His later works are too imperfect? To mention a few:

    1) The present day explosive situation involving Jews and Muslims are inseparably linked with the way He handled that ancient family of Abraham-Sarah & Isaac, and Hagar & Ishmael.

    2) Giving harshest (death) punishment to a man who gathered firewood on Sabbath (Number 15:32) while giving soft punishment to David who committed pre-meditated rape and murder.

    3) Asking His innocent and sinless son, Jesus, to undergo a most humiliating and extremely painful death for the sake of sinners suggests that God is cornered without any way out but punishing the innocent (as the king in check in chess game). Is it not like inflicting pain on one to please another?

    These samples from the Bible show:

    1) Either God is imperfect

    2) Or Bible accounts originated with imperfect humans and their faulty imagination.

    Obviously, God cannot be imperfect. Examples such as food-cycle, water cycle, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, water cycle ……….. and life itself as a cosmic function (being a very complex arrangement of things both terrestrial and extraterrestrial that must obtain before life can subsist-- the laws, forces, and constants of the universe appearing to be exquisitely fine-tuned for the existence of life) all are examples that prove He is perfect.

    Yet Bible presents an imperfect God which means Bible is the work of imperfect humans whose perception of God is accordingly imperfect! A true God cannot be held in check as the Bible presents. God will not provide a book, of which the very first verse itself proved to be wrong. (First Law of Thermodynamics that states energy CANNOT BE CREATED or destroyed but changed from one form to another). Interestingly, no other scriptures are better than the Bible in this aspect (which means using books is not the style of God)!


    Scriptures often present wrong picture of God, hence are not reliable guides to know God. Does this mean God is not interested in us or He doesn't even exist? That’s an extra-ordinary statement which requires extra-ordinary proof. Yet overwhelming proofs exists to the contrary. It’s our experience that there is cause preceding everything that happens. This means the Principle of Cause and Consequence rules all the happenings which, in turn, makes God’s guidance and intervention unnecessary! This Principle works like profit and loss mechanism in business. Business man will involve more and more in profitable ventures, and will keep himself away from loss-giving ventures. Even if ego and arrogance may prevent him from continuing with loss-giving business for some time, ultimately he will have to make a U-turn. Similarly, humans know what brings them benefit, and what brings them harm. Ultimately, they will have to turn to what brings them benefit!

    This is my personal opinion!

    [I was a visitor here so far. The reason why I thought of partaking here from now onward is that before I leave JW org, I want to know how strong my recently formulated view of them and the Bible.]

  • Finkelstein

    Does this mean God is not interested in us or He doesn't even exist? That’s an extra-ordinary statement which requires extra-ordinary proof. Yet overwhelming proofs exists to the contrary.

    I think your confused or in non acceptance that it was men who created all the gods imagined in human history , including the god envisioned or imagined by the anceint Hebrews.

    From out men's minds and imagination were the constructs of deities created and how those deities related toward the power and control to those individuals who identified themselves as spiritual seers to those deities.

    The opportunistic capabilities of acquiring money, power and control was the inherent intent by the leaders and orchestrators of the Watchtower Corporation.

    Thats a solemn Truth you can hold to.

  • prologos
    welcome, economy. You are right, the bible is wrong, so how can wt be right from a wrong? Since you seem to be Russian, or related perhaps, you see the light of the economy, Wt saw the need to change (not doctrine, but mode of operation, ) so, when will Putin?
  • abiather

    Welcome economy,

    Keep going, you are in right direction. Don’t worry about WT—it’s like a rope mistaken as snake.

  • Vidiot

    millie210 - "Why does Bible present God as too imperfect?"

    Because - among other things, "perfection" doesn't actually exist; there's no such thing.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Welcome economy. I drew up a list of Biblical contradictions and depravity which you can link to here. The bottom line is that authors project their own egos into the Bible that they write up. Also, they don't keep track of what other scriptures say so as to avoid glaring contradictions.
  • OnTheWayOut
    Scriptures often present wrong picture of God, hence are not reliable guides to know God. Does this mean God is not interested in us or He doesn't even exist?

    You were on the right path there for a bit.
    There were different writers of the different stories that became scriptures. The writer of Genesis was even writing about a different God. Then the stories were edited for different reasons.

    I think that the point of the edited Genesis was that God is a real S.O.B. and that Adam, Eve, everyone else should kiss his ass or face the consequences. I think that Numbers 15:32 demonstrates that same point, while much written about King David was probably true and demonstrates that "It's good to be king." Kings get away with a lot.

  • economy
    Thank you friends, it means I can confidently move ahead!
  • freemindfade

    Watch Cosmos, the earth and its cycles haven't been perfect for long and are not even now, the sun gives you cancer... they earth has destroyed itself many times in the past. There were embalances in plant life to bacteria for example that made the atmosphere become toxic with carbon dioxide rich air.

    I do 100% agree that the bible portrays god as having analog human thinking. The flood is my go to example, obviously god used miracles... to round up animals, make all that rain and so on. Why would and efficient, loving god DROWN nearly every living human (adults and children), almost every animal on the planet, vegetation and so on, when we could snap his fingers and the wicked people would just cease existing if thats what he was so pissed about. But to be so wasteful and destructive... really????

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