Conference paper on JWs/Australia

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  • JW83

    Hey, just thought I'd let you guys know that I have been accepted to present a conference paper based (once again) on the banning of JWs in Australia during WW2. It is at a history/law conference at University of Tasmania in December, if anyone is interested

  • jwfacts

    Hi JW83,

    I graduated from the Uni of Tasmania. I also know a brother (whose name illudes me) that was jailed for not going to the Vietnam war, one of very few in Australia. He ended up becoming Branch committee overseer in Fiji.

    Parramatta congregation had a few people still alive that were involved during WWII, such as George Bray and Bill Moore that had lots of stories to tell. George Bray did some of the printing illegally during WWII and his son still runs a printing press.

    We should catch up some time.

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