URGENT--Need High Quality Scans of Special Campaign Tract

by XJW4EVR 4 Replies latest watchtower bible


    I have been asked to give a presentation on J-Dubs Sunday night, and I would like to use scans of the special tract for my PowerPoint presentation.

    You help will be greatly appreciated.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi XJW,

    Try this link


    Good luck with the presentation


    Excellent. Thank you very much for the link.

  • Santisimo

    It's interesting to see how the WTS completely avoided the United Nations in this brochure. My question is, has the WTS mentioned the U.N. in any of the magazines over the past year or so?....

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Santisimo -

    This was the latest quote I found on the 2005 CD ROM;


    Something similar is about to take place in our day. Elements within the United Nations will be involved in the execution of divine judgment. Just as the Roman armies of the first century were designed to maintain the PaxRomana (Roman Peace), the United Nations of today is intended to be a peacekeeping instrument. Although the Roman armies tried to ensure relative safety throughout the then known world, they became the desolater of Jerusalem. Likewise today, Bible prophecy indicates that militarized powers within the United Nations will see religion as a disturbing element and will act to destroy modern-day Jerusalem—Christendom—as well as the rest of Babylon the Great. (Revelation 17:12-17) Yes, the entire world empire of false religion stands on the brink of destruction.

    9-15-05 Watchtower pg 19

    Also found mention of them in the 12-22-2005 Awake. So I think they are still mentioning them.

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