Fun with Witnesses AND Make the WTB&TS spend a little $

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  • rassillon

    I just had an idea, I doubt it is original but thought I would throw it out there. It time to play send a JW on a wild goose chase. Do you know someone who doesn't like witnesses? OR Do you have a neighbor who gets on your nerves? Go here and enter their contact info. Sit back and wait. I bet if enough people do this we could get them to change or take down that page after a bunch of reports filter back about supposedly interested ones gripe the witnesses out. LOL -r

  • parakeet

    I completely sympathize with your anger at the WTS/JWs and your desire to prevent others from being sucked into the cult the way we were. It's tempting to start schemes that make it difficult for the WTS to do business. But in the long run, I think such ideas backfire.

    All they demonstrate to the JWs is that apostates are "out to get them," which reinforces their belief that they have the truth. Such tactics make apostates look petty and bitter, again playing into the JWs' hands.

    The best way to counteract the WTS is to do what Blondie and many others do here -- use the WTS's own words to make it look ridiculous. There's so much WT rope available to hang them with; it's a shame not to use it.


    I`m not one for making the average Jehovah`s Witness`s life miserable..It`s counter productive to what we do here..I like to make the WBT$ uncomfortable though..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • rebel8

    What you can do instead (if you're in the US) is exercise your legal right to make the wt$ send you copies of all their tax documents for each and every nonprofit org they have formed. There are dozens. That would cost them $ and annoy them, and it wouldn't bother the rank and file jws. AND I might add, it is very unlikely you will get dfd or anything like that, because you can honestly say you are just exercising your legal right to get a copy of the document. Plus it would remind them their greediness cannot be kept secret.

  • rassillon

    parakeet, Sorry if I gave you the idea that I was angry, I am not. I just thought about it and thought it would be funny. I could imagine how I would have felt if I had gotten a slip with someones address from an elder and went to call on them and they started asking why I was there and getting mad and such. Then going back to the elder and telling him what happend. LOL Sorry you don't share my same sense of humor.

  • hubert
    Sorry you don't share my same sense of humor.

    I work with a guy that told me he sent a couple of j-dubs across the street to his friends house, after they bothered him while he was working in his yard. He told them he would be interested in what they have to say. Actually, he hates j-dubs.

    A few minutes later, he hears his friend yell..."Get the f**k out of hear !!!!

    They sure did, real quick, too. I think it's hillarious. Hey, they want to go around bothering and pestering people, they got to take the consequences.


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