Fatal error, an error has been encountered and Watchtower needs to close

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  • Morocco

    This may not be as amusing to the members here as it is to me, but I would like to say that irony is my favorite thing. I was doing some searches in the Watchtower Library CD 05 and it was crunching the numbers on the loads of bull crap it found. All was going well until I decided to do a search for "witchcraft"... when the program crashed, gave me fatal error, and shut down. I thought for a moment this was a failsafe, to keep the rank and file Watchtower fodder away from the juicy bits of sinful information. No, it was a for real crash. What is there to crash? It's not like we are talking about a super complicated piece of software here – we aren't using the Library software to smash atoms. I just found it amusing that such a simple piece of software would crash on a term like that. I wonder if the witness Elders who come to my door (because I'm "inactive") on Saturday morning attempting to "reactive" me would have fatal errors and die if I just spouted out words like witchcraft and magic. Worth a try, no?

  • OnTheWayOut

    If "Witchcraft" doesn't work, try yelling "United Nations."

    You can make them go away by saying, "I just read the new light in the latest WT. You gotta read it before I talk to you."

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