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  • goodgifts

    Hi Sorry to bring this one up again - I'll keep it simple.

    There seems to be a lot of stuff on here about Robert King, Timothy Kline etc etc and I assume there is some connection. Perhaps I'm wrong.

    I am instersted to know if anyone has information about this content of this site:


    Who is it run by, is the information trustworthy, do you have any comments regarding it's content.

    I'm going through a number of stages at the moment and I must say that this site has a very convincing arguement - HOWEVER - in my mind, even if the info presented here is true, the WTBTS should never have anything whatsoever to do with this organisation.

    I know of many members of the congregation who refused to attend a (non witness) family wedding or funeral because it is held in a church for fear of being tainted by satans world.

    Also, whoever owns the jehovahsjudgment.co.uk website has clearly gone against the FDS advice in regard to personal websites and the use of the internet.



  • AlmostAtheist

    Hey GG,

    Ex-JW's have gone round and round on whether or not the UN thing was really a big deal or not. Some say it obviously is, others aren't so sure, and others blow it off. Some knew about it while JW's and thought nothing of it. Others heard about it and left the org practically the same day. It clearly means different things to different people.

    The ex-JW's that it matters to have assembled all the "anti-" evidence into one (or a few, more likely) places, and to read their sites, you'd be sure the Watchtower was cackling in the night to itself over its covert connection to the UN.

    The site you listed does the opposite, and is no more or less biased.

    At the end of the day, what do we know? We have some facts. But it's the interpretation of those facts that's up in the air.

    If you're looking to show that the Watchtower and Jehovah's Witnesses are not God's "One True People", I personally believe there are better ways to do it than the UN thing.

    Ya gotta admit, though -- that site was well done! Very pretty, very clean.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi goodgifts, and welcome to the forum.

    I believe that site is administered by a poster on this forum, a jw apologist who has taken part in several discussions about the issues raised there. It is biased in favour of the wts view of things.

    To be honest, I can't think of any site that does not have a leaning eo=ither for or against the wts/NGO story, apart from sifting through the information on the UN site itself. You can find links to UN sites and documents on Freeminds.

    Edited to add: I just checked, and the site you refer to is administered by a poster named Thirdwitness. If you check his posting history, you will find links to the site in several of his posts. He is a jw apologist.

  • Zico

    Hi goodgifts, and welcome to the forum. The person who wrote that site was posting here regularly a few weeks ago under the username Thirdwitness. He seems to have disappeared now though. There was a VERY long thread debating that subject with thirdwitness here: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/11/117658/1.ashx

  • 2112

    I think this is just so WT.

    First they Df people who find out about this story and ask questions. They say it is a lie. But now some of their apologists are defending it. How, or better yet, why would they defend something that "never happened". If the average JW was to ask and demand an answer as to why this happened even now, would they be Df'ed?

  • juni

    Welcome goodgifts!


  • choosing life
    choosing life

    The letter from the Watchtower states that they have letters on file that show there were no requirements for NGOs when they joined. If that is true, why not produce these letters and put this to rest? Maybe because there is no such proof. And the UN would certainly have no reason to lie about the situation, but the society does. Personally, I think this was all a part of their theocratic warfare, trying to get in good with the UN to promote the expansion of their charitable status in various countries.

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