My day out if service - halirity insues

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  • rassillon

    I am a fader for those of you who don't know.

    I have been avoiding field service as much as possible, less than once a month for the past 3mos.

    Anyway, last saturday I did not have any way of not going out with my wife (she is unaware). So I go out.

    These days I only read scriptures to people, encouraging ones.

    WELL, wouldn't you believe I got the only person pissed at witnesses that day. When I asked if I could read a scripture, he said he didn't mind the scripture but did mind people comming onto his property and telling him that their faith was better than his. I was shocked but wanted to laugh at the irony as well.

    He shut the door just as I told him that I did not think that my faith was better nor did I tell him that.

    I did try to use the experience to discuss with my wife why someone whould have that feeling about the JW's. We even discussed where we would have ended up if both of us were not raised in JW families.

    I just thought about the odds that ME someone trying to get out, only going out once every two months or so, gets the pissed off JW hater.....LOL

    I think I will go back to him alone and explain things and how to handle witnesses and questions to ask.


  • carla

    You would go back really? Tell him how things really are? That would be wonderful! Maybe if you went in jeans he would feel more comfortable. If you go back you can count it right? See? everbody wins. They don't have to know what the call back was really like do they?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    It sounds like a good idea Rasillion, to go back ang give him a few hints, then he can have some fun with the next dub to call. Getting the jw hater was a blessing for you, I'm sure you wouldn't have wanted to get someone interested in the jws, who'd want that on their conscience.

  • Jim_TX

    I guess it could've been worse... You _could_ have gotten someone who would've confronted you with the U.N. scandal, or other relavant JW issue. THEN you would have been in a pickle. *wide grin*

    Seriously though, I don't know how you are able to go door-knocking. When I was in my 'last days' as a JW, I always hated going door-knocking. I always hoped that no one would be home - or that they would shout 'Go away' or some other 'not interested' type of response.


    Jim TX

  • AlmostAtheist

    Hey Ras,

    Is there anyway to use this guy to get to your wife? Go back, chat with him a bit, then come back home with some "question" he asked? Something 607ish or flip-flop'ing doctrine-ish? Then you ask her to help you research the answer so you can go back to him with it...

    Just brain-storming.

    Good story, I'm lovin' the irony!


  • Dismembered

    Seeker4 made the point in another thread about the results of the "door to door" work. For every one perosn a dub may find interested, they piss off 1000. You've helped to prove his point.

    Doesn't FS suck?


  • jgnat

    A small word of warning, sometimes hardheaded householders are just that. The man may not be disposed to listen to you.

  • Honesty

    While you're at it, introduce him to a great website that will give him a lot of information to share with those people in polyester suits and magazines that knock on his door on Saturday mornings. I'm not implying that you wear polyester suits.

  • rassillon

    Good idea Honesty,

    Oh, and by the way, I don't wear polyester suits. In fact

    I wear some really nice suits, ties, and shoes.

    I even have a really nice tie I got from my trip to Croatia (the birthplace of the tie/cravat) earlier this year.

    I try to look good.


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