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  • Jamie_from_Canada

    Me and a friend were interested in making a video on Jehovah's Witnesses. We are looking for support and participants. We are building a script and are willing to share what we got so far. I wasnt sure what the rules were for posting contact info here.

  • AuldSoul


    As far as I know there is no prohibition against posting your own contact information, but there are some very practical consqequences to that decision that you might want to consider beforehand. It isn't usually recommended, on the forum, because many here are in hiding (anonimity) from elder bodies who would like to disfellowship them and/or cause problems with their families.


  • Honesty

    Can I be in your movie?

    I was once a JW:

  • ColdRedRain

    No shitting you, this is the advertisement I got when she posted the Hitler picture.

  • Jamie_from_Canada

    If anyone is interested in a copy of the script so far....they can email me at [email protected]

    im looking for a good place to post a link to it. any recommendations on that?

  • Mysterious
    Mysterious would allow you to post it and give people the password to help you edit. has free phpbb forums if you want a place for input.

    If you just want to post it you could try a free blog like,, etc

  • Jamie_from_Canada

    Thanks for the reminder Auldsoul. I have never really kept a low-profile since I was disfellowshipped 8 years ago. The witnesses know my friends and how to keep tabs on me if they so desire. I could really care less to be honest as long as they dont harrass me directly.

    Just to throw out some questions here i want to use on my video..

    In you personal opinion.. why do people join the watchtower? Leave the watchtower? and in some circumstances return. I realize there are the reasons that are given at face value but what are the REAL REASONS? Is it so much theology as it is emotional attachments? ie leaving because your spouse or family member you love has left or lost faith.

    Also... does anyone know any good site with JW membership statistics over the years right back to the begining? (That also includes disfellowhipping figures). I could only find current figures and the figures surrounding 1975.

  • rebel8

    If you're interested in the blood issue, I am willing to be interviewed about that. My contact info is in my profile here.

    I have an unusual story to tell about that.

  • Jamie_from_Canada

    Thank you 'mysterious' for those links. I posted on blogspot:

    i also posted on the site where everyone can edit. I hope it is accesible. The password is: xjw2

    if anyone wants to post some links or add suggestions etc

    The link for it is:

    If the link isnt working please let me know.

    And how come there are pictures of hitler on this page?

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