Medical practioners equated with immoral people by Watchtower?

by Gill 3 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Gill

    The Watchtower's treatment and comments on medical practitioners has always been scandalous and non sensical.

    I am wondering if anyone with old mags etc can recall or find the article, which I think was discussing either abortion or blood, in which doctors/nurses/medical staff, were discussed as being immoral people, having affairs and immoral life styles, in the Watchtower's argument that 'such people' should not be involved in decisions over abortion/ or blood.

    Can anyone do a search? I recall this as possibly in the early 1980's

  • Gill


    May well have been mid eighties because the article made me worried about 'who' was looking after my baby when he was in SCBU.

  • rebel8

    I've got several free brochures that list wt quotes insulting medical practitioners:

  • Gill

    Thanks Rebel 8!

    The article I'm remembering is not in with those, however, I think it was along the lines that doctors and nurses were sexually promiscuous, a lot having affairs etc....much along the lines of demonization that University suffers at the hands of the Watchtower.

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