Need Help - Best Course to Reduce Gullibility

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  • Satanus

    Some friends of mine have a fairly smart kid, but he is a bit gullible. He tends to pick up things like from tv adds or stuff from his peers. Since he is going to college or university, i was wondering what would be a good course for him to take to wise him up a bit and be more his own person. Suggestions are appreciated.


  • Jerohobobonadad

    He sounds a bit like me!

    Let him get on with it, he'll probably do what he wants anyway. He probably thinks he's clued up already. Most kids do at 18 ish - you can't change it.

  • SixofNine

    Send him to thomschat.

  • purplesofa

    working at a car dealership.........I was pretty gulliable when i started there and when I left I had a whole new education.

  • jaguarbass

    I suspect gullibility is inherint. If a person has a sheeplike personality, which religions prey on he is a sheep to be led to the slaughter. Some people are natural born rebels, or devils, resisters. But I am a corrections officer and they tell us behavior is learned so I guess there could be a course to teach one how not to be gullible. Short of that what about some parenting.

  • jgnat

    Get some materials from The parents can ask questions during commercials. Get him to vocalize some of the feelings the commercials evoke, especially the slick ones. For instance, "Can cars float in reality? Then why did the advertiser turn the car in to an airplane? Can a car really set you free?"

  • Satanus

    Thanks for all your good comments. Someone pmed the suggestion that he take a philosophy course. I'm going to pass that one along to him and his parents.


    Ps, sorry it took so long to respond. My mind must have wondered off somewhere...

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