Parents say the darnest things...

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  • mrsjones5

    My father told my sister that he wants her to get baptised as a jw so that he can see her dead baby daughter in paradise. This is the same man who is not speaking to his live grand-daughter (my daughter) because he and I aren't on speaking terms. Messed up ain't it? It's so wrong on so many levels.


  • greendawn

    It is sick to shun one's own family members but they were brain washed into thinking that by doing so they will perhaps save them as the pain of shunning may bring them out of satan's world and back into the god fearing org. That's devious religious mind tricks for you.

  • mama1119

    It is unbelievable the things that come out of dubs mouths, and they actually think its right. that is the disturbing part, they think they are saying the right thing, they see no problem with it. It is messed up.

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    It sounds like your father doesn't understand the resurrection belief. Why would your sister have to be baptized in order for her deceased child to be resurrected? My dad doesn't talk to my daughter either. After eight years, that's the only thing my family can do to me that still hurts - ignore my kid.

  • bebu

    Parents say the damnedest things. I am at a loss for words!!!

    Well, maybe this:

    Your dad's actions make me recall a passage of the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis, where a sr devil (Screwtape) teaches the jr devil (Wormwood) how to neutralize real love. He advised him to slowly bring his human 'patient' to love in an imaginary way. That is, the devil should redirect the man's ardor from the real people who are nearby and needy, and focus it on those further away and far less tangible. The more one does this, the better. In such a way, real love subtly changes to a fantasy of the imagination of the mind, and is never practiced. Such 'love' is never dangerous, according to Screwtape.


  • mrsjones5

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I like that quote Bebu. I knew there was a few reasons why I've been wanting to read that book.


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