Watchtower Tales and other Horror Stories

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  • The wanderer
    The wanderer
    Watchtower Tales and other Horror Stories

    In every congregation and in every circuit there are always
    these stories that circulate throughout. Second hand gossip
    or third party information. In other words, "the grapevine"
    level of communication that cannot be proven or disproved.

    The Disfellowshiper and the Disfellowshiped

    Some years ago, one of the more infamous stories had
    circulated around about this one particular sister who
    had been disfellowshiped and she planned to get even
    with one elder in particular who was responsible
    for her ex-communication.

    Wanting to Speak with the Elder

    According to the "grapevine" accounts, this sister had
    waited patiently and methodically to become reinstated
    again. Once she was reinstated she asked to speak to
    the elder who was responsible for her ex-communication,
    in the meeting room?alone.

    She Cried Out Rape

    A short time later there was this hysterical high pitched
    screaming and commotion in the room and the sister cried
    out "rape." She came out disheveled and with a torn dress
    and nobody knew exactly what had happened. It ruined that
    elders life.

    Did you ever Hear of Anything like this or Worse?

    The Watchtower Society always paints a rosy picture of life on
    the inside and rarely mentions these stories. However, there are
    those that know better.

    Please post your Watchtower tales of horror that you heard
    while you were in the organization so that we can compare notes.


    The Wanderer

  • Undecided

    They never caught me so you will never hear my story.

    Ken P.

  • chiddy

    Seems very extreme to me , the main horror stories I remember were ones of being bored to death

  • mama1119

    Nothing as dramatic as that.

  • LongHairGal

    I heard that story.

    Another story I heard had to do with a false accusation against a bro. which couldn't be disproved. Supposedly, the accuser later had some kind of mental breakdown and confessed later and the brother was vindicated.


  • Warlock

    I almost had one this weekend, but I talked my wife out of going to the meeting.


  • mrsjones5

    I heard story once about a MS who was messing around with his 2 preteen daughters. The elders restricted everyone from going to the authorities. I was 18 or 19. I still remember that guy's face. Wish I could punch it now.

  • Warlock
    The elders restricted everyone from going to the authorities

    They deserve a couple of punches also.


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