Edmonton, alberta scandle with an Edmonton employee and Jw

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  • researcher

    A friend of mine, mentioned there is an Edmonton City Employee who is an Emergency Medical Technician who is also a JW who is facing 4 very serious assault charges including sexual assualt, and who is a member of the Sherwood Park Maples Congregation, and who is being protected by the Elders of the Maples congregation who even allegedly lied to the RCMP when questioned............ the PO named Terry H is the ringleader who lied to the RCMP and who is protecting the Edmonton EMT..... ??? anyone else hear of this???

  • blondie

    I have no knowledge of it but I hope the local police had enough evidence without the PO's help.

    Do you live in the Edmonton area or is this second or thirdhand hearsay? Is there anything in the newspapers or other media?


  • morty

    hey, I just got back from there and heard nothing about it...I will give my sister a quick call and see if she knows anything about it...

  • truth.ceeker

    bttt...Any updates? ..truth.ceeker..

  • Satanus

    Interesting. I lived there for 10 yrs as a really good jw. Do you have names? Would be something if i knew them. Pm me, if you want.


  • researcher

    Yes, i can supply names. Hmmmmm,, there is a soup company by the same name. :)

  • Scully

    You can do a search for the "trustees" of a congregation in Canada by searching the Canada Revenue Agency (equivalent of IRS) website which contains a listing of all registered charitable organizations in Canada.

    Use the search criteria Jehovah and enter Edmonton for the city and Alberta as the province. I couldn't find the congregation that was mentioned listed in the directory, but that doesn't mean it's not listed in a suburb of Edmonton.

  • 7 of 9 Rocks
    7 of 9 Rocks

    ok... total hearsay...

    EMT's that i know of is a JW is ?_ddy not so ?awless ... there was one other man too.. but i can not remember his name

    I know that he and his wife were going thur a nasty divorce with a child involved, and she has pictures of damage that he did to her, and her sister and mother were also involved...

    This could be them... the dates are close.. the info also fits... and i know he said she was makign it up... but.. he was... creepy.


    I am not sure... and have been out of the loop for a while... but i will try to keep looking.. and remember some more names

    maybe other from Edmonton know the story

    name edited by request of author ~ Scully

  • 7 of 9 Rocks
    7 of 9 Rocks

    ADMIN.... ADMIN....

    Can you take out the name, (Call him.... B_ddy not so ?awless.. it was a thing we all would call him) i do not want his son to find that at a later date.. it is sad.

    I went to bed last night and had a dream that i was still married and being yelled at that whole piece got to me. No wonder when i spoke to my dad about getting an order against my X for harresment, he told me that he did not want it to end up like the ?awless thing. Years of fighting, and in the end she is called a liar. How sad... because he is/was mean, and she was very unhappy looking durring their marrage. I do not all know what happened or when on, we were not close enough to them but....

  • JK666


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