Someone did the 70's, lets do the 80's.

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  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    It's all been a blur since the late 60's.....

  • free2beme

    Space Shuttle Challenger explodes, nation mourns

    Ronald Reagan makes Jelly Bellies a popular candy

    USSR still exist

    Seeing movies like "The day after" make us worry that nuclear war would end the world

    Aerosmith revives their career, by taking a chance with RAP

    AWESOME becomes a word people think is cool

  • greendawn

    CD's came out and also automatic cameras.

    Chernobyl (1986), in the same year 1700 people get killed by a carbon dioxide cloud in Cameroon

    Diego Maradona, Argentina wins world cup

    Reebok shoes and Rayban sunglasses

    Ghandi and John Lennon assassinated, Mount Saint Helen explodes, a lot of political agitation in Poland

  • morty

    Boy George

    Twisted Sister

    New Wave music

    Duran Duran

    Spice Girls

    Culture Club

    Babysitters Club ( movie)



    Care Bears

    Pop Rocks ( candy)

    fun dips ( candy)

    Koo-koos ( candy)

    Moved out on my own......................

    Finished high school...................

    Had my first baby...........

    Woke up to WTS.......

  • AuntieJane

    Big earrings

    Garth Brooks

    Cabbage Patch dolls

    Michael Jackson...when he was real!

    Airplane! the movie

    I'll never forget going into Walmart and wondering where all the "records" went!! I know this must have been

    the early 80's...? That really blew my mind.

  • arwen

    Married my soulmate!! My dear father passes away a month after my wedding. Lionel Richtie's song played at our wedding. My life changed in a big way that year. Worked hard to get pregnant and finally did in December..heh

  • Fleur

    Cyndi Lauper.

    Duran Duran

    That animated Take on me video

    Swatch Watches (never owned one, wanted one)

    Rubber bracelets

    leg warmers


    Purple Rain

    Princess Diana everywhere in the news

    Getting baptized *groan*

    Death of my grandfather

    Falling in love for the first time

    Getting my heart broken for the first (not the last) time (and on my 16th b-day)

    Learning to drive

    my first job

    Money for Nothing

    Back to the Future

    Huey Lewis and the news (ugh)

    The fixx, a flock of seagulls

    Punky Brewster

    Take all you want...I got more LOL



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